read_email_uri How r you?
read_email_uri where from?
read_email_uri scorland 32 me
read_email_uri nice to meer you
sandra_solomon701 same to you]
read_email_uri What bring younhere?
sandra_solomon701 meet new people
sandra_solomon701 yep i just left my boy friend hes abuse
read_email_uri hooe you re okay
read_email_uri You have kik?
sandra_solomon701 he hit my daughter he was drunk
sandra_solomon701 she put him his place
read_email_uri you wanna chat on kik?
sandra_solomon701 iwas scared of him plus have cancer
sandra_solomon701 dont have it
read_email_uri just here chat?
read_email_uri you like younger ?
read_email_uri So, I am young for you?
read_email_uri id like to be with a lady your age
watersign14 Does anyone say hello?

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