Justriding5168 I got mamas and papa on the brain
wild range _ same here deb
debinmich I like 60s to now
Justriding5168 My era was the 80’s
navyseabee847 50s and 60s
Justriding5168 How far back do oldies go now
navyseabee847 Love the oldies music
debinmich Great songs
Justriding5168 It’s hot
wild range _ Hi Deb. How are you
debinmich Hi wild
debinmich Didn't get to tour one. But it was magnificent to see the ships up close
debinmich They were in Detroit one year
debinmich Supposed to have fleet week is that. Over?
debinmich Hi Wayne
Justriding5168 my bro in law from Michigan
Justriding5168 I’m in Georgia
sustilg you all have good day
sustilg i be back in the am
sustilg well its that time i got to go i need beer and go to cw
debinmich Ohh that's a big job
Justriding5168 I haul steel to fabrication shops
debinmich Someones gotta do it
debinmich Dont say. Porta John's lol
debinmich What do you carry
Justriding5168 Hopefully by 3. Light load today
debinmich What time is quitting time
Justriding5168 Yes. Just here chatting. Bored at work
debinmich Married just
Justriding5168 Meeting new ppl
debinmich Me too just
sustilg me too just
Justriding5168 i just like chatting
sustilg i like older men
rogerkwiatkowski224 Don't spell, don't tell and grateful to them
Justriding5168 U as young as you feel
rogerkwiatkowski224 I like older women
sustilg no lol
rogerkwiatkowski224 Is that a bad thing
sustilg roger yuor younger then me
rogerkwiatkowski224 Ben doing tree work all my lif so 150
Justriding5168 Afternoon friends and neighbor
debinmich I'll be 67 in few months
debinmich Hi just
sustilg hi wb just
debinmich I would like to work part time

i retry open this room again please come in 30 and over welcome have fun and wire rules appy and please if you leave for good sign out of room ty

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