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Featured Feature Friday

Today we are launching a pile of small features.


To save you time, we have spruced up the invitation screen. You can now add multiple people at once to each invitation, and we have included handy a list of your most recent contacts.

Friends not on wireclub? Add their emails and we'll do the heavy lifting. You can also broadcast the awesomeness of your room on Twitter, Google+ and Facebook.

Video Player

We have integrated our in-page YouTube player into all chat rooms, when you click a YouTube link it will now open a player inside the main window, instead of taking you away from Wireclub.

Identity Card

Your profile in chat rooms now includes some of your customization settings to add a little color to the rooms.

Private Chat

Private chat is now much more speedy - and we use your chat font and color to better differentiate between who is talking.

As we talked about previously, we have added a separate option for private chat privacy.

We are going to continue adding features to control who can message you - as well as finding people who want to chat.

Changing Your Avatar

We have made it much easier to change your avatar, just click [change] on your profile (even in chat rooms!) Upload a new photo or choose one of your existing images.