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Never ending wordy list of words.

This will be my never ending list of words in Wordy that are real words that aren't accepted.


1952 Mickey Mantle Topps - scam

I thought I'd share my experience with a scammer the last few days. Some guy out in Utah had a 1952 Mickey Mantle topps in poor condition, probably a PSA grade 1, if you know anything about baseball a PSA 1 Mickey is worth about 4.5k of course his was ungraded therefore it could have been a fake.

He had his for sale for 3k on craigslist, I offered him 1.2k because it was ungraded and he accepted, saying some baseball card shop offered him 1k and said the same thing since it was ungraded. We started discussing shipping it and payment to him, then within the next 4 hours I received an e-mail saying he went to a baseball shop and the owner matched my price but he is holding the card for me since I offered him 1.2k before the owner of the shop. I told him I was still interested and I would have him ship the card to PSA who would authenticate it and as soon as they authenticated it, I would send western union him the money. He freaked saying he needed the money by tomorrow, he couldn't wait until Saturday.

So he had his ad on craigslist for a few weeks, already had a 1k offer on his card from weeks prior but now he needed the money by tomorrow. I was still okay with this, so I was like okay bro here is what we'll do. I'll call a baseball shop tomorrow, you bring it to him, I'll be on the phone with him, he can authenticate it. As soon as he does, I will give you the money, and pay the shop owner extra to ship me the card. That way it would be kind of an escrow service. He agrees and says yeah, that'll be cool.

I remember I have a friend there in Utah that I trusted more than a baseball shop owner, so I called him up and he said no problem he'd do it he needed the extra money anyway. All this was around 10-11:20 pm - 3 am I receive an e-mail saying he can't go to the baseball card shop, he's just going to sell it to the other shop. ( yet he can't go to a baseball shop for me to get it authenticated? ) or I can give him 600 bucks now and 600 later when I get the card ( which will never come )

I did just up my offer though to 1.3k to this guy if he will go to the baseball card shop and meet my friend. I know he won't, I just think it's funny to watch scammers reactions.

Interesting fact: If you do find a 1952 Mickey Mantle topps graded 10 it's worth around 300k

My life at the moment.

A blog is where you're supposed to talk about things that happen in life right? Things that are going on, I suppose. So here are updates on 100% of what is going on in my life. Not that anyone really cares, but it's still hilarious as hell.

It is a lot more serious than we ever could have expected. Like way more serious. To give you an example of how serious this is, here are two links



Basically this company got sued for over 202k for back overtime pay and other damages. This company was set up the same way we are with the exception they actually paid minimum wage, so my father is in a lot more deep trouble than he thinks. Basically security guards can not be independent contractor's because we are told what time to arrive, what time to leave, how to perform our duties, we have ranks in our security system and we have long term employees.

An independent contractor is someone who wants a job done like, I need this drywall done in my house, I am hiring you to do it. But I can not tell him what time to leave, how to do his duties on the job since he knows his trade and he must have a risk at some financial loss or gain. Meaning, he supplies his own equipment and he may be at a loss if he doesn't finish the job in time. Which makes him an independent contractor. And the guy I am hiring to do the drywall, once he finishes the drywall ( in a week or two or however long it takes, he is done working for me, meaning it is not long term employment, just something short term. )

Who controls what your employees do? You or them?
Who provides the tools they need? You or them?
Do they provide the same services they provide to you, to other employers as well?

what happens if they want to leave in the middle of a shift? Can they just leave? Can they have somebody they choose (somebody you may not have ever met) take their place? Do you make a schedule for the guys? Do you ever tell anybody they have to work some given day or time? What if three guys decided they wanted to swap their shifts; would they have to have your permission?

Behavioral: Does the company control or have the right to control what the worker does and how the worker does his or her job?
Financial: Are the business aspects of the worker’s job controlled by the payer? (these include things like how worker is paid, whether expenses are reimbursed, who provides tools/supplies, etc.)
Type of Relationship: Are there written contracts or employee type benefits (i.e. pension plan, insurance, vacation pay, etc.)? Will the relationship continue and is the work performed a key aspect of the business?

Basically all this means is my father has been avoiding paying taxes and able to pay his men cheaper per hour ( illegally ) and not pay overtime ( illegally again ) Two guys set the company up, a judge and an accountant, you'd think an accountant would know his stuff and according to my dad the accountant used to work for the IRS. Of course this could be a lie. But someone is in trouble, I don't know who. Also my dad has been illegally paying one guy, last year the guy worked maybe 45 days and made over 30 thousand dollars, and he reported that he made only 8k because the guy gets government benefits and can't make over a certain amount. He will more than likely be audited and my dad will be in trouble for that. I don't know if he'll be in trouble for the illegal set up of the company since it was the accountant's and judge's fault. But we'll see.

The thing is, Dad doesn't know how serious this is yet. I was going to tell him, then today he pissed me off beyond belief. You probably know he owes me over 4k, Well I told him I'd come by today and pick up my paycheck ( he said he only had some of it but not much ) I said that's fine, I'll pick up what I can and give me the rest later. I also said I will pick up the cans while I am there ( he collects aluminum cans for me ) He said YOU WILL NOT TAKE THOSE CANS! I have told you repeatedly to come get them and you did not! I am going to turn them in and get me a carton of cigarettes! I said okay. You know what, I was feeling really horrible the last few days and I still am about losing my job, but the bastard wants to treat me like that after all I did for him ( loaning him over 5.5k and helping him in anything he needed ) That's fine, I will let him see the severeness on his own and hopefully I'll get some of the money back that he owes me, if not I will move on and bite my losses. This might just be the anger in me speaking right now but I may sue him for overtime and back pay too if others do so I can get my money returned back to me. ( if we can even get anything, more than likely he'd have to file bankruptcy )

This was all written the other day, I have found out some more information since then.

Many of you know my father owes me more than 4 thousand dollars, and he hasn't paid me a penny back. I found out he spends up to $500 dollars in 3 days on pills. He's a pill head, and addicted like crazy, spent over 30k last year on pills.

This guy S lived with my dad for a while, he bought him pills when he needed it. One day my dad was so desperate they went to this lady and she said the pills would be 40 bucks a pill and Stephen was like they're only worth 30 and he said I don't care! I need them now! give them to me!

I loved how he sat here one night and told me all about this new job and how much we'd all make and we'd be all making great money, but the problem is he needs money to buy more insurance and other costs, so he asks me for 5.5k overall and I gave it to him... I was stupid, I was thinking sure it's my dad he won't rip me off, will he? You know most people I'd tell to buzz off, but it was my father and I thought we had a good chance at making money. I talked to the company that we were supposed to get the other day, it was never going to happen. There was never any agreement set up there, he lied just because he had one thing on his mind... pill money, my son has money, and he can give it to me so I can feed my pill habit.

It makes me sick to stomach to have a fucking father as disgusting as him. He should fucking die, and I really mean that, I'm not just saying it. I hope he has a heart attack through losing his company when he realizes how serious it gets and starts to realize he is being sued for over 200k... I hope he just fucking dies right then.

He gave my brother half of his check last night, I went by the house and got me and my brothers checks, he gave me 25% of mine and 50% of my brothers, my brother opened it and freaked out. I told him to calm down, I have somethings to tell you about our company. We're going to lose it all, just come by my house, go home. Don't even worry about the job site. we're losing it anyway. He was upset because he has to pay auto insurance and he owes $100 to Jon. And on his check he only got $166 dollars.

Of course the 50% of my brothers and the 75% of mine went to buying more pills. Boy, I wonder how hard reality is going to hit when he loses the whole company and has no money to buy pills his wife leaves him and I never talk to him again, ever... I bet he'll be thrilled beyond words.

My trip to Gatlinburg.

So I decided I needed to get away from everything for a while and I took a trip down to Gatlinburg, it's about a 2 hour and 20 minute trip from my house. I figured it was no big deal. I got there and it was around 102 degrees, I have literally no AC in my car, and I was burning up, but I am one for extreme weather ( as you can tell in my last post ) so it didn't bother me, I just kept going, went to Cici's pizza and had a buffet, pretty good food.

When I first got there, I was in Pigeon forge and my car died at a red light, I turned it back on, it sputtered a little bit, I pulled in some restaurant parking lot and let the other cars go by ( which Gatlinburg area has tons this time of year ) and I pulled out after everyone was gone had a few more troubles that day at red lights, but nothing serious, just sputtering as I started up, but quickly the problem resolved.

I was in this one parking lot, and I was trying to reverse to get out, and I was thinking about 10 other things and I forgot to put my car in reverse and I almost slammed into a car that was parked, probably worth a good 75k :o I'm sure they would have loved to see my 1993 rusted up jeep slammed into their nice shiny BMW or whatever lol... I was about 1 inch away, and I pressed my brakes. xD

I decided I'd camp there since I brought my tent anyway. It was fun, I love camping. The next morning I drove all around, I probably put a good 300 miles on the car just driving around town in the two days I was there. I decided it was getting too hot again, so I'd head out, it was about 2 pm. It started sputtering worse and worse. by sputtering I mean, I was driving in heavy traffic, pedal to the metal going from 10 mph to 5 mph, back to 10, then back to 5, back and forth.

I went to a garage and he looked at it and said there was so much wrong with my jeep that he didn't know what it could be, but he put a new fuel filter on it, said it ran perfect and charged me 50 bucks. I left got about 4 miles down the road and it started again, I was like great. screw it, I am going to try to make it home. It got so bad, my car died while I was driving, so I pulled in some driveway and let 5 million cars go by... All this crap is happening in 100+ degree weather with no AC, so I'm just getting more excited by the moment.

I drove to a nearby repair shop, he said it was probably the fuel pump, he is 90% sure, he can't do it until tomorrow morning, the owner of the place was a complete jackass. He said we've been here all day WE'RE TIRED and I know you are too, but we're not going to help you until the morning, go find a hotel, I said I probably won't make it to a hotel safely, he said oh well. Good luck then.

So I left and made it to some hotel and pulled in and asked if I could use their computers ( I didn't bring my laptop, thought it'd be good to get away from technology for two days, guess not. ) They said okay, I got on and posted an ad on craigslist looking for a mechanic and called Autozone and some other auto places, two people recommended me to this company RapidMobile.. LOL So I called him, he said it'd be a $45 dollar call fee, but if he did work on the car, it wouldn't be anything. I was cool with that. They were willing to come out at 7 pm to help me out, definitely appreciated that. So I said yeah come out, but let me test my car one more time ( it had rested for 2 hours at this point ) I decided to drive it, made it two miles down the road and it starts again in the middle of traffic. so I pulled to a shell station.

I called him back, said yeah it's definitely messing up, come out. So he came with some guy, neither of them looked like mechanics. He got a few tools out, then started complaining there was no way to check the fuel pump, he was like WOW there's no way to check it, I think it's the problem, but I don't know. o.0 I was like yeah, I told you that is probably the problem on the phone and I needed some kind of verification, that is why I called you out. He was like well, I don't know... I think it is, want me to replace it? it'll cost 400 bucks including materials, but I don't know if it'll fix the problem... it might not. If not, I don't know what it could be.

I was like great, I'm stuck in Tennessee, the only mechanic is a 20 year old that doesn't know my problem and can't guarantee anything. So I spend $400 on my jeep and I still might be stuck here. I told the guy forget it, I'm going to get a hotel, he said it'll be $45 bucks, I wanted to punch him, I mean, cool you came out and spent gas, here's $10 or $15? but $45 to tell me something I ALREADY KNEW?! I grabbed my wallet and gave him a wad of money, it was $34, I said that's all I got, he said man I told you it'd be $45 before I came out, I said I know, but that's all I got. He got in his van with his other friend that was about 21 and took off.

So, here I am, it's getting dark, I'm stuck in Tennessee, I have no help from anyone. I decide to just go home, I figured if I stall out on the highway, it's going to suck, but it's better than being here, every mile closer to home is better than being stuck here. I started up and it wasn't sputtering until I got to a red light, right at the interstate, I started to drive and I had to pull to the side to let the other cars go, and I said eff it, I'm going! I pulled out on the interstate, and I prayed the whole way I'd make it.

I got about 40 miles from home and I stalled out right on the interstate, I pulled off, and I let it rest for a few minutes, start it back up and do it again, and I did that for a while, I almost died once, and I really thought it was probably the end for me. It was 11:30 at night, there was no where to pull off, only guard rails or drive into on coming traffic, no other options, there were around 15 cars behind me, as everyone else is catching up quickly driving 80 miles an hour, I was driving 5 miles an hour, and it was going so slow, I'd go like 7 mph, 5 mph, 3 mph, 5 mph, back and forth and right when the other cars were getting really close, I saw an opening out of no where, the guard rail had ended and I pulled to the side of the road.

I was literally like, okay, I'm probably dead here. There is no way these cars are going to be able to stop in time and it was only a two lane highway and both lanes had cars driving at 80 mph, so I kind of had a moment like, well, I had a fun life. glad I made it this long, I was really sad and scared too, I started remembering a lot of things I had done in my past, and how my childhood was, but I knew there was nothing I could do at this point but keep pressing my gas pedal. And right when I pulled to the side of the road, all the cars flew right by me. It was like God saying, I am here for you, don't worry, and don't doubt. I will always protect you.

The rest of the way, I would go a mile or two and stop, I even idled a few times, I'd be putting the pedal to the metal and be going 0 mph, so I'd drift to the side of the road and let it rest. I even stalled at the bottom of my exit but once I got home I was probably the happiest man in the world! lol...

So yeah, my story is pretty boring and probably not worth posting, but I had fun overall, and glad I am alive. And I'd do it again, and probably will... just not in this jeep. xD

Longyearbyen - destination.

So I recently fell in love with a place called Longyearbyen, I would like to make that my next destination, and maybe even live there for a period of 8 months when I get older. It is 600 miles from the North pole in Norway.

I am posting this in the hopes that in the next 3 years I will have at least visited this place and posted pictures for you all to see. So 3 years from this date, if I have not posted any picture of this place, yell at me.

Here are some pictures before I give details about the place.

Image ( this is during a twilight of polar night )

Image ( Polar night picture )

Image ( another Polar night picture )

Image ( the town center )

Image ( this is the school during polar sun )


Image ( As polar night is ending )

Now information about it.

Population approximately 2,075

There is also a college there that gives free tuition to anyone that wants to go.

Svalbard's ( The island Longyearbyen is on ) climate is a combination of a cold Arctic climate tempered by the North Atlantic Current. Nordenskiöld Land is the warmest and wettest part of the archipelago, caused by the convergence of mild and humid air from the south and cold air from the north. Average summer temperatures are typically 4 to 6 °C (39 to 43 °F) while average winter temperatures are −12 to −16 °C (10 to 3 °F).[89] Longyearbyen experiences midnight sun from 19 April through 23 August, and polar night from 14 November through 29 January. However, the sun is not visible in Longyearbyen until 8 March.

Longyearbyen has a road network stretching 50 kilometers (30 mi),[83] but the network does not extend to any other communities.[84] In 2008 there were 1,481 registered road vehicles and 49 percent of all households had a car.

Perhaps more so than anywhere in the world, Longyearbyen is free from crime. The risk of being involved with any type of altercation or incident is practically nil, with the sole threat being from fellow visitors. It is not uncommon to see intoxicated tourists wandering around during the midnight sun in August, but despite the complete lack of visible law enforcement, problems are almost non-existent.
It is not advised that you leave the settlement limits (clearly marked with signs bearing the picture of a polar bear). If you choose to do so, it is compulsory to carry a firearm which can be rented from the town. Travelling further afield requires explicit permission from the Governor of Svalbard, whose office is near the church.
As everywhere in Svalbard, it is critical to understand that all year round there is a significant threat from polar bears. However, polar bears are legally protected, and shooting a polar bear will be regarded very seriously by the police and investigated thoroughly.

Visitors and residents are not "permitted" to die in Longyearbyen, as the town's cemetery stopped accepting newcomers in the 1930s. The local authorities try to ensure that deaths do not occur in the region. Any seriously ill person is transported by ship or airplane to another part of Norway. The nearest regional hospital is located in Tromsø a two-hour flight away. This decision stems from the finding made in 1930s that buried bodies do not decompose in the cold climate of the island. Recent scientific examination of one body revealed a well-preserved influenza virus, which was the cause of a number of deaths on the island in 1917.[14]
Polar bears are abundant in the area and are a threat to human life. As a result local citizens often carry rifles, and every UNIS student and member of staff spends their first day learning how to use a rifle to defend themselves against bears.[15]
Because UNIS activities include field work carried out on boats, snowmobiles or on foot in a harsh environment, all new students and staff members are required to present a self-declaration confirming that they are in good health.

Sources: Wikipedia and Wikitravel.

Love Part 2

Love is beautiful, and I hope one day I feel it in it's entirety, Nothing holding me back, just open my arms and let the girl of my dreams take everything that I am. I can not wait to have her with me, I will love her beyond words.

I would rather have true love than a million dollars, I would rather be almost homeless holding my girl telling her things are going to be okay knowing I truly love her than having millions, a huge mansion and some falsified lust that we see now days.

Something about me most of my friends don't know is I was pretty much homeless before for over a year, I remember going to bed many nights almost in tears wondering what I was going to do tomorrow and how I was going to eat... and the only advice I ever got was try to stay warm, in the middle of winter with pretty much no heat. You have no idea how much I would have loved to be by your side and you by my side... even though times we're tough, I made it through, I made it on my own.

I have a cold heart sometimes towards people, because many are so ignorant and rude. I used to think I didn't want love or anything like this, it was better just to stay single, all love does is cause pain anyway. No one could really love me for me, can they? I watch TV and see couples in real life all the time, and this isn't the kind of love I want..

I see things like the couples on TV like Teen Mom, the guys don't even seem to care about these girls in many cases, the show isn't about love, but it portrays love in a sad way that isn't pure.

Also on Dr. Phil some guy saying he is the man of the house and a male chauvinist, and he rules the house and she better do what he says or else. I mean, is this what we have been brought up to believe what love is? I am the man, do what I say? I think a relationship is 50/50, filled with love and passion towards each other like nothing else...

The day I find you, I promise to never hurt you, make you sad, make you jealous, make you feel unwanted, I'll do my best to make sure you never pass through hard times, my heart will still beat and go crazy every time I see you, I will get lost in your eyes for days, I will always love, honor and cherish you, not for what you look like, but for who you are inside, you will be beautiful inside your heart and I know even after 25 years of being with you, I will still get butterflies in my stomach. I will never treat you wrong, you will be my partner in life, and through the ups and downs we will make it through together, promising to always love each other with everything we have, and no matter what we'd make it through.

Maybe, I'm not the hottest guy in the world, and I don't claim to be, but I know I will be everything you dreamed of <3 and we will be partners together in life and love, and no matter what we pass through, we will make it through, and when we're older I know I will still feel the same in my heart, the same as the day I met you and butterflies in my stomach still treating you like my Reyna (Queen), always. Because love can do all things. I promise to never lust you, because love isn't based on looks, or some sexual fantasy, I will never desire another girl, I will always be loyal in my heart and mind. You will be the only girl I think of, and when I wake up in the morning and see the sun on your face, I will kiss you and tell you how much I love you, and you will never forget how beautiful you are to me, because I will tell you every day. I will show you I love you always, and you will be the only girl on my mind when I wake up and go to sleep, and I promise that when I tell you I love you, I mean it with all my heart and I belong to you entirely.

I want to be your everything, the guy you come to when you're sad, the guy you need, the one you tell your friends "he is the one, I know it." I want to hug me and kiss me for no reason, and tell me you love me out of no where. I want to be there for you through the good times and the bad, and no matter what we know we'll make it through. Because true love is unstoppable and unbreakable.

Love means more to me than any materialistic thing, I will not lie on my death bed and look into the eyes of my money and say I loved you, life with out love will be meaningless. What will that mansion mean to me if I don't have true love? My dream is to have my wife, a small house and a few kids of our own and be a happy family, I'm not asking for Lamborghinis or big extravagant weekends.

I wish people would realize that you don't stop falling in love when you grow older, you grow older when you stop falling in love.

"Even though it seems I have everything, I don't want to be a lonely fool, All of the women, all the expensive cars, all of the money, don't amount to you... See I can make believe I have everything, but I can't pretend that I don't see... That with out you girl, my life is incomplete."

Yo no se, por que te quiero tanto!!! este sentimiento es demasiado fuerte por ti, por ti. chica hermosa mi corazon, mi corazon se enamoro de ti, de tu amor. tus ojos me miraron, hicieron que mi alma tiemble de amor y hoy que ya no estas suspiro cada momento por tenerte junto a mi. yo te amo, amor... :\

I don't know why, I love you so much, and my feelings are so strong for you, for you.. beautiful girl, my heart.. my heart fell in love with you... with your love. Your eyes looked at me, and made my soul tremble with love and I can't breath in this moment because I have you with me, I love you so much, my love.

esto es mi corazon - this is my heart.

Most exciting night ever.

Last night was the most exciting night of my life and amazing. I never thought I'd write anything above my love blog, but this deserves a blog entry.

Last night around 9 pm I was coming home with my Dad and we stopped by my work to see the other guard for a minute, I only live like 1 mile from work so we decided on the way home to stop by here just for a minute. We noticed a car had it's flashers on next to one of the offices. I thought nothing of it, I mean people always break down, run out of gas, stop to make phone calls etc right there, so I thought it was just another one of those.

All of a sudden a lady on the phone gets out of the car screaming Help us! Help us! She's not breathing! Help us!.. so Me and Dad are like what in the world is going on? We get out and go towards the car, there is a lady in the passenger side of the car just sitting there not moving, not breathing at all. We asked how old she was, she is 30. There were 4 Passengers total, 3 females and a male.

I asked her if she saw the other Guard, she replied no that she looked but could not find him. ( he was out making a round... ) Dad picks up his phone and dials dispatch. In a matter of 15 seconds this is what followed, I scanned all their hands and pockets for weapons.quickly, I said okay we need to get her on the ground now out of the car, She got a pillow for the lady, I said no we can not use a pillow, we need her on hard ground, but we can use it for her head.We grabbed the lady and jerked her out of the car quickly, I listened close to her nose and mouth... She was not breathing at all, barely any pulse, in a matter of minutes, she would be dead at this rate.- or at least extensive brain damage.

I started to perform chest presses on her, she started coughing and breathing a little, I started again and she kept coughing..I screamed out someone get me a plastic bag. You can't breath through plastic, but if you rip it thin enough you can and it can prevent most diseases spread through mouth to mouth contact. Thank God we did not need that. She was breathing between 6 and 8 times per minute.

After 5 minutes a paramedic came down and gave her CPR again, then more and more pulled up, in about 15 minutes, she was loaded on an Ambulance that had arrived, one of the girls asked me if she could ride in the Ambulance too, I got permission for her.

We were all asking what was wrong with her, does she have diabetes, allergies, was she bitten by anything recently that you know of? She said that she has spots on her lungs that she believes may be lung cancer.

The guy they were with during all of this lights up a cigarette and acts like nothing is happening, I thought about yelling at him because this was definitely no time to smoke. But I had more important things to be doing.

In the end, the paramedic took all the credit, which is fine with me... I didn't really want any, I just wanted to see this lady make it. I thought all day today and last night, what if we didn't show up? What if at home I decided to wait a few minutes more? She might have survived with me not being there, but I just can't help but wonder, maybe God put me there for that reason. I Prayed to him and asked him to take control of the situation. I took first aid and CPR last year and it all came back to me in a blink of an eye.

I didn't post this to brag about what I did, or anything... I'm just so amazed and emotional about what happened, how precious life can really be, we only have one, and to think what if I was able to save someone or be a help in saving someones life amazes me. I'm just a simple human being, but God used me to help her.

Come to find out, she is my Step-moms niece through marriage? or something like that, Dad called me for an update last night around 12:30 to let me know that she was in the hospital and doing well. I can't wait to meet her. I'm so excited, I will take pics too if the occasion comes.

If you believe in God, please Pray for her.


Love is a strong word, and should not be used lightly, if we're lucky we may only
find love once. Most don't find it at all. Todays divorce rate is at an all time high, love is something that comes
and goes and means nothing. Relationships end almost always, to a few months to a few years. Or even 40 years for
Al Gore and his wife, what if our life spans were longer? Do you think after 150 years with the same person we'd
still be happy?

Looks matter so much to the world today, physical appearance is what drives love in the 21st century.
That wasn't what love was meant to be. God made love from the Soul, something that we feel
inside of us, calling out to us. No matter what the person looks like, Love doesn't know appearance,
distance, fear, hatred, money, envy, nor pain.

Love these days is so painful, someone is always hurting someone else
infidelity is crazy these days, I can say it's mostly men who do this, but it's also women too, they're just not
caught as much and don't brag as much. Why is it so hard to stay loyal to someone you love? You have a GF/wife/BF/husband
but you can't get others off your mind. Flirting and enjoying life, is your fun worth hurting someone who cares
about you and loves you?

Sometimes you begin to wonder if love is even worth it. Most suicides in men and women are over their significant
other. Is your own life worth losing because of someone elses mistakes?

Sometimes I wonder why God put love in our hearts if it can be so painful.

Look at Nicole Kidman, David Letterman, and Hugh Hefner, all married or have been married for money. Do you think
even though David and Hugh have beautiful woman that they are truly happy in their hearts? When you die are people
really going to care how many women you slept with and how much money you had? I would have rather felt true love
than live in a million dollar mansion and have 10 women a day. Wilt Chamberlain was said to have had sex with over
20,000 women in his life time, he would get have sex with multiple women a day every day. Near the end of his life
he said it is better to have sex with one woman a thousand times, than a thousand women one time.

Distance doesn't hold someone back from loving another person. You don't have to be there in person to love them
to know that they are loyal and loving you back, to know that at every moment you can't get off their mind
just because there are miles in between doesn't mean they aren't a real person with feelings and a heart.
I believe a heart is what makes a relationship and love, not kisses and sex.

I know one day I will no longer be alive, and I will be in Heaven, and my life here on Earth will be insignificant
The love that I once felt will no longer matter for Earthly standards, the life I lived will no longer be remembered
I will be a lost and forgotten memory, a person that walked the Earth just like anyone else since the beginning of time.
But before that happens, I will have done my best to love, done my best to be a good person, and done my best to do
the right things in life. Like the famous saying "I have lived, laughed and loved." Death gotta be easy, cause life is hard.

I want you to love me, I want you to need me. I want to wake up next to you everyday.
I want to feel the warmth of your embrace, my arms around you holding you tight, I would never let you go.
True love puts a fire in your heart, making you beg for more. I want you to feel what I feel, I wish I could take
every broken heart you had and help you heal. I will always be here for you, morning, night, evening, whenever you
need call and I'll be there.

I wrote this Saturday Oct 8th at 10 am... I have no internet and am bored and reflecting on my life XD! hi everyone
I'm still gangstaaa

My Job.

A guy just came by work right now, he was driving a big red Ford 250, he came by three times, driving really slow. He pulled in towards the office building. I went over and said Sir can I help you? he said do they sell coal here, I said yes but you'll have to come back before 5 pm tomorrow, he said okay and kept writing, I said can I see an ID he kind of stuttered and was like uh uh.. then he said I lost my ID then he said to be honest, the cops took it. I don't have a license. Then he said you can get my tag numbers, and I said okay, I went to get them and he had no license plate. He said oh, I guess they are on my other truck. Then I said well what is your name? he said Wayne Wilson, and I said okay, well come back tomorrow before 5 pm. He looked so high, then when he pulled out he pulled out quickly and went down the street going really fast and screeching his tires.

crazy day.

Crazy day, my Step brother died this morning from a heart attack. He was 28, had a wife and two young children. He was really skinny and in shape it is so weird that he died. My family is so sad, it is so horrible.

Also it got odd, so how did it get odd?

I used to have a house for many of you who don't know, the lady was a horrible renter, she stole the washer, fridge and oven. Also did other bad things too like broke a window, she also left me with a 163 dollar delinquent water bill, so I called her to see if she would pay it which I doubt she would. But her boyfriend who was living there, he died the other day. That is crazy... I will edit this later I g2g
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