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Eau Claire • Female • 53 years old
Might be living the American Dream. Have a job I like and I'm good at. Own the house, the car. Have a sweet little girl, two dogs, and a good man. Where's the white picket fence? Isn't this how...
Eau Claire • Female • 29 years old
Hey! I'm pretty social and kinda crazy. I love helping people so if you have a problem or something ur stuggling with, I'm always here for ya! :) If you just wanna talk as a friend thats cool too ;)...
Eau Claire • Female • Under 18
I'm the AlcoholicWolfling, I drink too much and I watch too many movies. I like to think of myself as a Lady Willard without so many dead bodies. My best friends are rats and cats with Stockholm's.
Eau Claire • Female • 25 years old
cout << "Hello, world!" << endl; /* Hi. my name's Basil. Not really though. I'm a boy the age of a young man, from and in the Great Lakes region.
Eau Claire • Male • 24 years old
Eau Claire • Female • 31 years old
I love and have tons of tats. hehe. I sing and play guitar. I like old school music mostly. I enjoy dancing and rocking out lol lol and jus chilaxxxin somtimes
Eau Claire • Female • 28 years old
anyone normal out there?? lol
Eau Claire • Female • 44 years old
Eau Claire • Female • 18 years old
Eau Claire • Male • 19 years old
bigfootabc Online
Eau Claire • Undefined • 56 years old
I have always hated these description boxes. If you want to get to know someone just talk to them. :)
Eau Claire • Male • 40 years old
Eau Claire • Female • 36 years old
Eau Claire • Male • 60 years old
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