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Garland • Female • 19 years old
I hate everyone now
Garland • Male • 114 years old
Garland • Male • 51 years old
Love intelligent girls who aren't afraid to speak their mind and be a smart ass right back to me...
Garland • Male • 31 years old
Garland • Female • 21 years old
i love to sing, i love pizza, and im funn but young<3
Garland • Female • Under 18
honestly I forgot I had a profile here so I guess I am back cause they don't have yahoo chat any more any ways I have changed a lot I live garland I have been single for 3 years and I have 2 jobs and...
Garland • Female • 27 years old
Just like seeing what people talk about. Im a guy that works for what I want and gives what I can. Im just a simple country boy stuck in a complex world.:-)
Garland • Male • 41 years old
Garland • Female • 20 years old
I am 74 married and enjoy having a good time.
Garland • Male • 77 years old
"He who makes a beast out of himself Gets rid of the pain of being a man. " - Doctor Samuel Johnson "I don't mean confessing. Confession is not betrayal. What you say or do doesn't matter; only...
Garland • Male • 19 years old
Garland • Male • 45 years old
I am a Republican only because the Democratic party scares me with their hidden agenda on gun control. God I wish they would just leave that Right alone.
Garland • Male • 58 years old
Hey just here to chat and make some new friend. I am an Older Gent that loves the outdoors, hunting, fishing, flying real airplanes, walk in the woods or park. Any more questions just ask
Garland • Male • 77 years old
I don't know i just like to chat with people... Use to be on meebo but it shut down so i moved here.
Garland • Male • 23 years old
Garland • Female • 19 years old
Garland • Male • 42 years old
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