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I'm rad (H)
Orlando • Female • 24 years old
dirty bird Online
too good to be true!
Orlando • Male • 45 years old
Orlando • Female • 102 years old
Orlando • Female • 42 years old
Heyy;; Well my name is ashley, or ash i guess it really doesnt matter. im 5'3 but very fiesty hahaha. I've got an attitude problem and could probably careless if you dont like it so please dont...
Orlando • Female • 26 years old
I don't talk about myself much so if you want to know something just ask. I'm mostly friendly, partly sarcastic though too. I live in Florida, for now...
Orlando • Female • 29 years old
I'm as polite as fuck.
Orlando • Female • 22 years old
born and raised: paris,france <3 i can talk french,japanese and of course english feel free to pick one ask me more if yew want (; dont just add me and not talk to me ! it doesn't make sense...
Orlando • Male • 20 years old
I am a great person to get to know, i love to make new friends. Im shy and can be very quiet but once you get close, im alot of fun to be around! <3 PM me if you have any questions :)
Orlando • Female • 19 years old
待ってるだけならダメだよ 私のペースに巻き込み konnichiwa watashi no namae wa kaito des yoroshko ! ~ i am a nice person when you get to know me .. the only thing i suppose you wouldnt like is i am quite mody .....
Orlando • Male • 104 years old
Daddy's Moon Child Princess "He is everything to me, as i am everything to Him. His touch awakens me and His thoughts free me. Only in serving Him do i find complete freedom and joy…"
Orlando • Female • 40 years old
Orlando • Female • 23 years old
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