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Command: U blasted urself off into space u.. where did u get that muffin? Captain: Muffin button. Command: I didnt install a muffin button. Captain: Oh, then where did i get this muffin?....
Washington • Male • 25 years old
Washington • Female • 19 years old
I am a genius who graduated from a public high school at age twelve and went to Cal Tech (with Yale as my safety school) at thirteen. I earned three doctorates in Mathematics, Chemistry and...
Washington • Male • 33 years old
Washington • Male • 25 years old
I am pursuing a degree in piano performance at a university right now. I love to share music with others!
Washington • Male • 32 years old
I am a very happily married man with 2 grown children and 3 grandchildren. My diagnosis is bipolar with psychosis (and some other things). I was disabled in 2001 after a major psychotic...
Washington • Male • 56 years old
;) I like to smile :D . It shows what kind of person I am<iframe" width="250" height="70" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" allowtransparency="true" hspace="0"...
Washington • Male • 43 years old
Washington • Male • 24 years old
Washington • Male • 35 years old
Washington • Male • 34 years old
Washington • Male • 55 years old
I like things... Shiny, shiny things.
Washington • Female • 20 years old
Washington • Female • 23 years old
Looking for amazing girls.
Washington • Male • 30 years old