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Heyz..My Name is Alexandre I'm 24 years old, I was born in Portugal..I would like to make some friends.. If u wanna talk just add me or something: dj_alex88@h******.com sweet kisses***
Ottawa • Male • 26 years old
Have lived in a lot of cities, moved to Ottawa in May for a work placement also experimenting life! Would like to meet some cool people and be friends foreverrrrrrr :P Meow
Ottawa • Female • 21 years old
Ottawa • Male • 46 years old
Ottawa • Male • 21 years old
Despite my ethnicity I do speak english, feel free to say to wire club
Ottawa • Male • 29 years old
Ottawa • Male • 38 years old
Ottawa • Male • 22 years old
Ottawa • Male • 29 years old
biggest plug in the league
Ottawa • Male • 26 years old
Ottawa • Male • 39 years old
I'm prolly cheeched right now. Talk to me, I'm also very sophisticated. :)
Ottawa • Female • 22 years old
I AM AWESOME. LOL, Just ask if you want to know.
Ottawa • Female • 25 years old
"In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on."
Ottawa • Male • 24 years old
Ottawa • Male • 23 years old
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