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everything tht happens in our lives happens fer a reason. we hav to take what we got and take the initiative to change.
Marlboro, Alberta • Female • 23 years old
There isn't alot to say about me.... if you wanted to know you should just ask!!
Grande Prairie, Alberta • Female • 25 years old
I am who I am. I believe gun don't kill, insane people with guns do. I think being a minority does not make you special or noble. Get over yourself! I don't hate the rich nor pity the poor. We all...
Blind Bay, British Columbia • Male • 39 years old
Toronto, Ontario • Female • 26 years old
I'm not the best but I"m not the worst either. If you wanna get to know someone who's to the point. Here i am.
Prince George, British Columbia • Female • 30 years old
Grab a box of crayons and color me ..
Cambridge, Ontario • Female • 114 years old
Just ask, but please remember be polite.
Pembroke, Ontario • Female • 113 years old
London, Ontario • Male • 51 years old
My profile picture was the last picture taken of me before my accident, I dove into a pool and hit my head on the bottom, I broke my neck and am now permanently paralyzed
London, Ontario • Female • 23 years old
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