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FlowerAquarian I became a vegan after I became a gross hippy
Stinky_Mom my eyes? abdullah
Adria_ Ok .....I have 1 question for the room... answer it WITHOUT CHEATING....and you will get 2000 credits.... You all ready
Frankenberry2 clean yourself up women
johnyd2811 princess hornbag
Frankenberry2 you look like you haven't showered in years
Stinky_Mom no i don't get what ur saying sorry abdullah
abdullah19842002 no this song from hadiqa kaihani
FlowerAquarian nah *waves stink towards frank*
abdullah19842002 pashtoo song
Stinky_Mom ok abdullah
abdullah19842002 i sing da estarge ljadoo gare de da meena lewanay da
Frankenberry2 respect to you for being vegan
Stinky_Mom ok leave me alone now.
Frankenberry2 not an easy lifestyle
Stinky_Mom frankenberry dont insult my flower
johnyd2811 carpet drapes match flower?
Stinky_Mom or i will knock u out frank
Adria_ is everyone ready
Stinky_Mom and send ur head flying k
FlowerAquarian like fist in your face johny
Frankenberry2 you can try but you will get hurt
Stinky_Mom flower i shall defend u
Adria_ first one to answer gets 2000 credits.....
Adria_ no cheating
FlowerAquarian lol I'm not some distressed damsel stinky
johnyd2811 not usually
Chubbygirl27 Good morning
Stinky_Mom i move like a butterfly and sting like a bee frankenberry
Rabbit32 hey everyone
Frankenberry2 shes just a distressed stinky women
johnyd2811 no beaver hair?
Stinky_Mom flower flower... ive seen what u eat... u need all my help
Chubbygirl27 Hi Rabbit
FlowerAquarian yeah yeah frank idk what your deal is with me
Frankenberry2 ill give you a batman beating stinky
FlowerAquarian lol I like my good thanks
Rabbit32 hi chubby
Frankenberry2 whats my deal with you flower?
johnyd2811 she shares the rabbits lettuce
grouchie666 hello gm room new here any ladies want to chat
johnyd2811 oh and carrots
FlowerAquarian I actually hate carrots and lettuce lmfao
Rabbit32 wow i just come in here and get insults
Stinky_Mom vegan cheese?
FlowerAquarian same here rabbit lol
johnyd2811 not carrots
Stinky_Mom wtf is vegan cheese
Rabbit32 what ajoke this room is
Frankenberry2 bring the scissors and shampoo to flower
FlowerAquarian I wash my hair thanks

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