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ameliapond24 lol are we talking about me now?
Bliss Teabag You're always hungry Noriii...
Noriii lmfao
ghost_writer lets talk about your husband
Noriii im a starving college student
ameliapond24 what about hi,
Bliss Teabag sell yourself for crack
Bliss Teabag then sell the crack
TeePizzle lol college students are always starving.
Noriii lol tani, yes
ghost_writer how is life with the husband?
Juliette the brave Good for you ,Jon
TeePizzle my friend lived off instant noodles lol
King D we gonna rock on to
ameliapond24 its alright
Leah Tortilla I thought today was Friday
King D electric avenueee
ghost_writer how he satisfy your womanly needs or...
Noriii id rather die than eat anymore ramen
went2700 Hey wany one wanna chat
Noriii i just cant take it anymore
Songbird_nz I have returned... but I'm all red and blotchy on one side of me face and it's going half way down my chest.... *sigh* spring you are so kind to me
Noriii hey songbird heeeeey
King D maybe like the baseball players beard
Queenie The Poo Birdie *puts calamine on you*
TTauresa Obviously no! If she is here when he is away working
Leah Tortilla like the redsox
went2700 27 f from toronto
ameliapond24 lol Tauresa what is your issue?
Songbird_nz hey Noriii! thank you queenie!!!
Noriii <======= has class in 4 hours.....
TTauresa Why not work too and help him out babe?
Noriii <-==== been awake all night
ameliapond24 you seem to be very upset about my life choices
ameliapond24 i do work
ghost_writer amelia, do u think maybe its time to trade him in
ameliapond24 i make more money than he does
TTauresa Doing what
Leah Tortilla Norri, do you have a job as well?
Bliss Teabag I am always leaving my shopping until last minute.. now I don't want to go
Leah Tortilla it will make you strong
Noriii lmfao tani
Adorable_Adria Bliss.......
TTauresa I think in this age it's dangerous and unwise to just live off one wage in a household

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