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DonnzZ_ loool
Mambojack I'm not gonna get drunk on a monday at 11:40 pm.
DonnzZ_ looks like ur blind ?
xangelshadowx i know that
DonnzZ_ thats ma mate bish
DonnzZ_ where have u beennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn on ma life
xangelshadowx you look gays in pic
DonnzZ_ hahhaa
DonnzZ_ u cant even see it
rxdoughboy is mr red mnm with the shades on something?
stevenbanks333 hey guys was up
alienflyer the 7up guy
rxdoughboy the energizer bunny
Bliss Teabag that ~&~*ed up beetroot thing from mcdonalds
sadia_malik240 hi all vicky here
DonnzZ_ alien hahah
DonnzZ_ funny pic
shasta01 hi mistresskatelyn
DonnzZ_ :highfive
rxdoughboy you're not a dominatrix right mis kate?
stevenbanks333 man you guys are talkative
alienflyer i'll shut up
HouseOfWolves I got beer
DonnzZ_ lets zip it
DonnzZ_ so lets have fun
xangelshadowx if i had girl i call it savannah
stevenbanks333 i was kidding haha
DonnzZ_ lets kill da batman
alienflyer i made me a drink
alienflyer first time in two weeks or so
rxdoughboy but isn't it like a week before the fun starts?
PhiloSophia What are you having, Alien?
PhiloSophia And, uh, it's a little early, isn't it?
HouseOfWolves i just want thanksgiving dinner now
DonnzZ_ it is
xangelshadowx he can do it any time
PhiloSophia It's always cocktail hour somewhere, I suppose.
Bliss Teabag the only thing that is too early is the morning
PhiloSophia lol, Bliss.
HouseOfWolves that actually makes sense
PhiloSophia Wolves, what do you think of the show, "Portlandia"? I've always wondered what locals thought of it.

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