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claire6 Night, Ks
dIave i use to go to ECW in nyc
BoxingSatan i have played Doctor
Jim <<only plays doctor lol
BoxingSatan what is wrong?
dIave i met bubba and devon dudley
BreakingBrad1989 hey peoples
K_SO818 sorry sami
justpaul when a girl on wire asks if you have Skype and PayPal... that means?
dIave and RVD
o0Amida0o ariana...is after a doctor...
Sami8622 Sad night.
dIave i met mr. perfect
BoxingSatan what do you need?
BreakingBrad1989 is bubba ray small?
zjtwentythree why, Sami?
ariana323 my friend is having a field day with his klonopin n im scared
dIave no bubba ray is decent sized
BreakingBrad1989 hey there sami
justpaul or she has a pay website
Jeanettical Rhetoric Ive never been to a live wrestling event.
dIave i been to lots
Jeanettical Rhetoric Lets hope RAW comes to East Lansing.
dIave summer slam 1998
K_SO818 good for you Jean keep your sanity
BoxingSatan that is a downer and a semi hypnotic
Sami8622 Hello Brad.
Jeanettical Rhetoric Dude... I would make sings and scream my face off. Are you kidding me?
BoxingSatan how much have they had?
BreakingBrad1989 how are you sami?
dIave i seen bill goldberg
dIave but i didn't meet him
Sami8622 Fine. You?
Jeanettical Rhetoric signs and ..... lots of heckling...and chanting.
BoxingSatan i have taken those with klanizopm and lorizopam and passed out
dIave mick foley is an average guy he eats pizza by where i use to live
BreakingBrad1989 yea im good thanks just had pizza lol
justpaul I shave in the dark
ariana323 hes supposed to take 2 he took 9
Jeanettical Rhetoric He is SUCH a nice man.
DJ_1_ pills?
DragonMXG hi room!
justpaul call 911
Jeanettical Rhetoric Hero. More men should aspire to be like him.
DJ_1_ i was at wrestlemania 6
DJ_1_ and 18
ariana323 it was last wk
chancecc Hey how are u
dIave those were in canada
aleshiredrew2000 Some times I want to shoot myself but, that is why they made call of duty
applestr Anyone from Houston here?
dIave the bret hart era
BreakingBrad1989 how are you chance?
Sami8622 who's talking about pizza?
justpaul are you a go getter?
ariana323 but he gets a new persript nxt mo
Bethany b No need to call 911 just tell me what it is
DJ_1_ best there ever was

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