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TeePizzle Helluurr
MK8888 hi teeee
TeePizzle Hey MK88888888888
Bit harsh Tani *jiggles booty*
MK8888 hi teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Bit harsh Accept me ;@
TeePizzle Bit Jiggles junk
Bit harsh Its 5 36am
Bit harsh Go to sleep
DukesTheCredibleHulk Abez when is the next time you coming into A-town?
aaronlroberts90 Toowoomba qld. Pm me
gavinbadger Any girls got Skype
DukesTheCredibleHulk We need to hit up the hookah joint
TeePizzle Lol I can't nowwww
abe the arab man i dont even know
abe the arab i havnt been there in a long time
TeePizzle I have to get up in an hour
DukesTheCredibleHulk Road trip whenever we'll throw down
Bit harsh I need to be at work at 6
DukesTheCredibleHulk Just don't let me near Athens, GA
DukesTheCredibleHulk I will not come out alive
Bit harsh And its 3 37am
abe the arab it seems whenever i go to atlanta its always for bs
TeePizzle Can I join this hookah session?
DukesTheCredibleHulk Of course Bae <3
DukesTheCredibleHulk You just have to roll tide
DukesTheCredibleHulk If you roll tide
Bit harsh Im enjoying these 3 talk about their eventual three some
TeePizzle Lol bit he said I could...
DukesTheCredibleHulk Nashy take your hand off your peen
Lu04 hi veryone
abe the arab Its a two-some i might not be here
Steebz any1 from uk here ?
abe the arab i might be the guy holding the camera
DukesTheCredibleHulk looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
Bit harsh I reckon dukes would destroy laura
HoLeeFook lol we'll print out a life size poster of Abe
gavinbadger In from UK
HoLeeFook and bring it every where we go
DukesTheCredibleHulk And then as I finish
abe the arab can i do the nick saban pose
abe the arab he does for coke?
bearbelly he is pleasuring himself to talk about a potential wire 3some, i have heard it all now

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