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King of Kings1 i think so
JUST SEMANTICS_ you're going to get a phd to teach high school students?
IsabeIIa all of my math professors have been middle eastern
King of Kings1 they invented al gerbra
LatinaAa_Lady The Mayans started using algebraic ideas.
Ur_Mom_Smells yeah its a lovely place, but i have not been for a while. isabella
LatinaAa_Lady No. I'll move up to the college level.
Riddle92 Yea math teaching is a interesting route.
scott_boy123 I like calculus
IsabeIIa where do you reside now Mom?
Ur_Mom_Smells uk. isabella
LatinaAa_Lady I like teaching high schoolers. They make me laugh. Freshmen are the best.
The Ghost of Gangsta Cortni, Mayans don't count.
BedroomPunishment the idea of teaching at a university is suicide inducing
The Ghost of Gangsta (get it? don't count)
King of Kings1 they are nuts
King of Kings1 a hand$*$l
LatinaAa_Lady The used base 6 at times.
LatinaAa_Lady That SHIZ cray
Ur_Mom_Smells i was born in the uk but my father works in saudi. my dads from northern ireland. isabella
BedroomPunishment i've come to hate university
JUST SEMANTICS_ young students are worthless
King of Kings1 class must be a zoo
Vladimir_Poutine Shit! It's 11!
Vladimir_Poutine The corner store closed.
IsabeIIa ah nice! I've got family there in the UK
The Ghost of Gangsta Cortni, do you ever get checked out by 16 year olds?
LatinaAa_Lady Young students are the future.
Ur_Mom_Smells cool isabella
The Ghost of Gangsta I'd check Cortni out if she were my teacher
JUST SEMANTICS_ yeah, and that's a total drag
BedroomPunishment the future is bleak
FreshIsBack high school sucks
LatinaAa_Lady I have a junior who comes by everyday and tries to hug me.
King of Kings1 ya they pay attention cause they have a hot teacher
JUST SEMANTICS_ that's because you're young and they're hormonal and the news is full of teachers who f*ck their students
LatinaAa_Lady He said, "You give me mix siignals."
bbenzil i wonder why latina haha
FreshIsBack what bout seinors wanning to ~%%% u
The Ghost of Gangsta Cortni, the ones that have a crush on you, make them do stuff for you. Like bring you snacks and stuff.
Asianlily Yay I'm finally home
Vladimir_Poutine Latina, those aren't keys in his pocket.
IsabeIIa also i'm not Iranian, i know you asked me that earlier and i forgot to respond lol
The Ghost of Gangsta wtf @ "mix signals"
LatinaAa_Lady I did have a kid bring me a whole cheesecake once.
LatinaAa_Lady I didn't eat it. You don't know what they put in it.
bbenzil where are you from isabella?
Ur_Mom_Smells asian lily
HouseOfWolves i probably would of ate it
King of Kings1 very fattening also
BedroomPunishment i would have eaten the #@&( out of it
HouseOfWolves but i think with my stomach
Asianlily Suppy smelly
FreshIsBack i drugged my teacher one time
King of Kings1 so much calories
Vladimir_Poutine Worst case scenario, you shit a lot.

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