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kristen334 lol snazz
BlueSapphire aww thanks Dorken
Wayneire Kudo ' s
Leah Loves Scum gave the Fail badge to WinterClassic
The Promethium this is the first time ive been in a chat room since like middle school lol
Mr Dorkenstein yqw hon and I mean it
Jeanette Cula Overall game score.
Snazz I got to meet Foley .
kristen334 haha leah
kittymeow 9mm good luck
Tugg_ Ohh.
WinterClassic leah is a lol butthurt
Tugg_ Awesome.
kittymeow 9mm welcome to romper room
Jeanette Cula I even missed a turn.
Snazz Cula, pay attention to me I am trying to make you jealous.
BlueSapphire well u know well comparing to the others Dorken
Leah Loves Scum never butthurt
Jeanette Cula brb blocking Snazz.
WinterClassic of course
Snazz lmao
WinterClassic enough to send badges
Snazz I have pictures!
tobringup If you have a boss that just ignore whatever you do, you may have a bad boss.
Snazz I should show you!
Leah Loves Scum now wear it with pride little homie
justpaul i missed several turns
tobringup I think I got it right.
Jeanette Cula GAHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
WinterClassic no thanks
The Promethium so hows everyone doing this fine night/day wherever you are
johnyd2811 bought a Guinness for Leah Loves Scum
WinterClassic i wear this nice coat
WinterClassic of silky white skin
WinterClassic with pride tho
Leah Loves Scum thanks johnny
Leah Loves Scum kill whitey
Snazz He had on a red flannel shirt, with a black shirt under it with Hawaiian shorts lmao.
justpaul i doesn't matter how many times you are wrong
Snazz He looked so smexy.
kittymeow 9mm i stopped tanning
kittymeow 9mm like a year ago
justpaul it only takes one right to be successful
Jeanette Cula Where at?
johnyd2811 Killkenny better but hey
Snazz In Kentucky.
anonymousdragon007 anyone play league herererer
Jeanette Cula Gahhhhhhh
kittymeow 9mm i still geel pale
The Promethium i used too but meh
justpaul like benji franklin and the lighbulb
Snazz He's one of the sweetest men I've talked to.
Leah Loves Scum tanning is awful for your skin
Snazz His wife is hot.
Jeanette Cula HE IS SUCH A DOLLFACE .... lol

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