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Mediocrates lol Duke
LadyLuciferRturnz sure seems that way, Mediocrates
Mediocrates Well as far as I'm concerned, anyone who uses free time to go out of their way to harass and abuse anyone is not a happy person.
jimathan are u gonna make millions of monies from them ingots
Mediocrates You just don't do that shit when you're content.
LadyLuciferRturnz Well it's a waste of time for sure
darrenmalllard trolling is overrated ,people thnik youre " trolling " because youre better at a compuiter game than someone else online
darrenmalllard " youre trollkinggggg "
Mediocrates I'm all for debates and disagreements
darrenmalllard wroing ,im just better
hobagoffreelayz one at a time wow so many want my nudes
Mediocrates I'm sorry hob
Mediocrates I'll be patient.
hobagoffreelayz boys my nudes are going global
LadyLuciferRturnz debates and disagreements are fine but posting random stupidities is just pathetic.
Mediocrates Well yeah some people can't really differentiate between arguing and namecalling.
LadyLuciferRturnz touche , Mediocrates
DukesTheCredibleHulk Namargucaling?
Mediocrates Not saying I'm perfect either
Mediocrates but I try
DukesTheCredibleHulk Wow that's fun hybrid word.
Brian_ is your company up?
brandboy12 Hi girls
Mediocrates Dukes I've been making crazy gains using those shoulder shrugs
roofman87 hey busty wife I sent u a private message look at the bottom of your screen if u see my name in blue click on it and chat with me please
Mediocrates glad I got that tip from you
HoLeeFook "Let's leave at 8"
darrenmalllard people think im trolling when i say how much shit iphones and macs are
LadyLuciferRturnz Mediocrates may I add you?
Brian_ why the mad face?
Mediocrates I'm open to any other tips you have at any point ever
HoLeeFook Cause I woke up early
hobagoffreelayz I have to stop cutting my wrists over rick and dave, wire seems real to me and I need attention badly
Mediocrates Sure Lady
HoLeeFook and they aren't even awake yet
LadyLuciferRturnz awesome , ty
DukesTheCredibleHulk You are trolling when you say that given Samsung's profits last quarter fell by 60 percent.
darrenmalllard what time is it where u all are
darrenmalllard everyones profits rises and falls
darrenmalllard thats bussiness
Previously Gm pervs
DukesTheCredibleHulk 60 percent in one quarter is ABYSMAL business.
darrenmalllard it happens to all bussiness
darrenmalllard samsungstill make the best phones
ezraelliot I woke up early. Was gutted cause Fooky and I were running through a field of daisies in my dream
LadyLuciferRturnz Agree Darren my stocks took a hit last weeks
DukesTheCredibleHulk If my company dropped 60 percent in one quarter, there'd be a restructuring faster than anything I've ever seen.

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