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dave_99 kick baby dog in the shins barbie
michelleleslee He's not gettin anything from anyone from what I can tell
Barbie Doll you bish! you don't even know me!
dave_99 shhh michelle
michelleleslee Why else would he be so pissy
sponge__worthy She's a sugarbaby, she expects us to pay them.
dave_99 im having my period michelle
dave_99 bloating makes me agitated
Barbie Doll Everybody knows my business
whooza_nerd spongey, i noticed that... gotta love barbie though
dave_99 im perioding 24/7
michelleleslee You said that last week
Barbie Doll I need to shut my big mouth
Barbie Doll big lipped*
birdofprey Michelle hello
Major Wood hi room
dave_99 wait barbe im unzipping my pants
Barbie Doll fishlipped*
michelleleslee Dave maybe it's a miscarriage!
dave_99 im pregg
dave_99 preggo
Barbie Doll fish hooked*
sponge__worthy I agree, Barbie. Next you'll be telling everyone you gave me a BJ. Proving you have BIG mouth.
michelleleslee Who's the baby daddy?
usmcsgt8877 Hello room, anyone in dublin
dave_99 sponge is my baby daddy
birdofprey its FALL
Barbie Doll everyone knows that picture you send girls is fake
Barbie Doll catfish cock
dave_99 jean did cena win last night?
JeanetteCula I dint see it!
JeanetteCula I dont know!
Major Wood lol barb
birdofprey Barbie are you babbling again
JeanetteCula I think he lost miserably.
dave_99 ok time to ruin it for you before raw
CarterMatthews shake dat ass
sponge__worthy I never know who Barbie is talking to here.
Barbie Doll foaming at the mouth actually
sponge__worthy Probably herself.
JeanetteCula Ima recording RAW!
birdofprey Jean hi
Major Wood I can't fake pic women....they don't want to see ANY pic from me!
dave_99 my prediction happened
dave_99 i can tell you that much

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