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jcw777jcw its like your struggle to learn the meaning/beauty of life-and ready to reward yourself once learned
SweetAsPie225 What's the topic of the hour people? lol
lb8627mt i will send you a link
LatinaAa_Lady I know what it's like to be treated badly and turn the other cheek.
vagabonskies but bring problems, however, lots of ppl have different stuff about that
xALPHAx I want to learn how to drink as much as possible without getting a hangover
ilikewordy Latina, why do you treat me so poorly, then?
jcw777jcw einstein said he was the smartest man in the world because he knew less than 1% of knowledge
TOPMANX just honest then all saying xx
DJ_1_ well drink light colored and expensive booze then
DJ_1_ drink water before you go to sleep
xALPHAx Thank You DJ
LatinaAa_Lady Lol. I never treat you poorly.
ilikewordy Sure sure.
johnwwe True but sometime u have to stand up for yourself
lb8627mt einstein also died before he discovered the answers he was looking for
TOPMANX no havent hear 17 days whole room lies xx
jcw777jcw ive seen a documentary on sigularity
LatinaAa_Lady Yes, that's true.
xALPHAx and I also want to know why strippers love blow
vagabonskies yea that's what i was talking about with singularity. The smart AI taking over humanity
vagabonskies lots of fear mongering about that in media today
TOPMANX amor xx
vagabonskies there's quite a few new movies out about that, like the one with Johnny Depp
jcw777jcw fear of the unknown-i go by "nothing to fear but fear itself"
DJ_1_ fear mongering about that new terrorist group isis
DJ_1_ bigger than the taliban
lb8627mt i have to be honest, we will prob end up destroying ourselves
lb8627mt before that can be reached
johnwwe Latina my boss is wicked
vagabonskies that Isis, have you noticed that Isis is an ancient egyptian name for a goddess?
lb8627mt too may errors to evade, too many political and social agendas.
DÄVÉ© Salutations
jcw777jcw catabolism is natural- fear of destruction
xALPHAx I spent 3 years in Iraq that place is hopeless
DJ_1_ I did
DJ_1_ they are saudi and uae funded
DJ_1_ like the taliban
jcw777jcw such as armageddon or rapture - paranoia and fear
kenneth1755 Hello y'all
DJ_1_ there taking over england right now
LatinaAa_Lady I'm sorry he's wicked.
CarterMatthews almost back peeps
DJ_1_ and europe soon
lovelygirlme is anyone a funeral director
LatinaAa_Lady I hope he starts treating you better.

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