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fancy king You are the way of making that seem bad ms browny
nettie50 hello all
Ms_Browny Ilove all ghetto non ghetto
Ms_Browny hey nets
fancy king You tell me i tell you its like that way i mean i sure
fancy king hello nettie
nettie50 hello fancy king
fancy king Mrs browny be alike that then
Ms_Browny where yu from fancy?
fancy king From the US im from mrs browny
gtboy84 im wellthanks
gtboy84 what r u upto
fancy king Do you like want to see that ghetto child call you browny ms browny
Ms_Browny no thnx
fancy king Well ill call you ms browny all night then
fancy king if thats fine and ok with you
Ms_Browny I think yu trippin
Zidgy l•
fancy king Im tripping ok
Rickey Minaj I get nervous when YouTube doesn't load properly.
fancy king I just so really like to have that little reaction to it
fancy king Bye browny
Zidgy •o•

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