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WinterClassic typical rejection behavior
Jeanette Cula I block her often.
kristen334 jean, stay outta it old hag
WinterClassic she has no ovaries
sb136 anyone from brooklyn
WinterClassic to woman it up
WinterClassic like a man without balls
WinterClassic who is a coward
ICE5 bienvenido hate it get wrong
WinterClassic can any girl
WinterClassic volunteer
WinterClassic to %~$@$ slap that whale?
kristen334 winter, I just thought I'd boost your ego
kristen334 you're welcome
kristen334 considering you prob don't have one
WinterClassic i mean i would
WinterClassic but im not a &@@@$
Barbie Doll a man once hit on me ata club and then once rejected told me i would be hot enough to sleep with if i lost 10 lbs, quite the contradiction
WinterClassic so how could i @$@@! slap her
Barbie Doll i then slept with him to prove him wrong and gave him herpes
MaggotChamber ha barbie
ICE5 barbie time spar 15 days repeats many
kristen334 I missed being fat
Kem V haha
kristen334 it's so much more fun
hotz33 hi all
kristen334 no ~@@&tards bothering me
kristen334 yesssssssssssss
Barbie Doll i should have like pissed in his mouth too or something
Barbie Doll bish men
ICE5 club ok was head bouncer bk days drink 2 pound
WinterClassic women give herpes too
WinterClassic so dont point fingers
raccadoodle Barbie.. typical female disproportionate retribution...
kristen334 who's pointing fingers
raccadoodle shocking
WinterClassic it was u who made the decision
MaggotChamber oh no...its raccadoodle
WinterClassic he can't make that decision
Jeanette Cula big words. dint read.
kristen334 winter, you want my attention
WinterClassic you **@@ed yourself up on your own fault boo boo
Barbie Doll stop using big words, i am a blonde racca
ICE5 sex was free lol
Barbie Doll haha jean
raccadoodle youre cruel
Jeanette Cula Im clicking that, LB.
hamed_adibi63 Hi Hami from Iran is here
lb8627mt old skool!

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