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keyboardvan23 im 28 f canada
sponge__worthy My face is too pretty to wank on, Barbie. It should be in a gallery to view from afar.
keyboardvan23 anyone wnana chat?
Barbie Doll not really
Jeanette Cula Yah we know, Keyboard. We know.
sponge__worthy And for a price of admission.
steveee_ me keyboard
Jeanette Cula ...and hello to you, dear.
Barbie Doll lies sponge
TTauresa test: i think it is triggered by a hormonal inbalance. A ot of wome suffere from post natal depression for years, if they do not seek treatment
TimeIsPassingBy guys how u doing
Doctor Joker I would know
Jeanette Cula Hiya Time.
anonguy1 ok - hope he takes the hint
ICE5 think so lot important ppl in AA .13 steps xx
TimeIsPassingBy hi jeanette = )
Doctor Joker Your voice lol
Barbie Doll because I would be chasing you with my dress up
Barbie Doll oh yes that too
TestPattern2 Jeanette wishes my mom had post-pardom psychosis, then I might not be around.
Jeanette Cula If I met Barb in real life I would run to her with open arms and hug her up. Then insult her hair.
Barbie Doll i forgot my creepy voice
Barbie Doll legit creeps
sponge__worthy Your voice is always creepy.
Jeanette Cula Say what now, Testpattern?
niceguy_67_05 Hello there keyboard
ICE5 top judges lawyers money ppl all drinkers ...
Barbie Doll I would probavly ive jean money
TestPattern2 I was wondering what post-pardom psychosis is?
niceguy_67_05 I would love to chat with you
sponge__worthy Barbie says "schilicone" with a lisp.
Barbie Doll i would think she was homeless
Jeanette Cula Ide make ya buy me lunch.
Jeanette Cula No pizza.
Barbie Doll dont make fun of my lisp!
Jeanette Cula I do not look homeless!
Jeanette Cula I dont even wear tshirts!
Barbie Doll We coiuld go to panera Jean, i know you are too poor to
Jeanette Cula Ive never been there.
Barbie Doll I know jean, I know
TTauresa is anyone sane in this room today?
sponge__worthy I think her collagen-enhanced lips get in the way of her trying to talk properly.
Jeanette Cula Cause ...ya know. Panera bread stole my photo lab.
ICE5 well crasy world on streets man man in hilton big wig xx
Barbie Doll Aww so bitter
Doctor Joker Jean goes to fcking trailer house diners
ICE5 main
Jeanette Cula Iunno what those are.
NYstateofmine Hey Ladies! Panties or Thong?
Jeanette Cula Is that like a roach coach?
Barbie Doll my lips are real
Jeanette Cula Barb looks like one of them real dolls. Its terrifying.

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