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PuppYofDoom doing what? im already going to school. ive been married n divorce and had 3 live in relationships
Rickey Minaj afternoon.
joellatbird laugh out loud wit ppl through volunteerism or at happy hours
ameliapond24 they had a use at one point
Tugg_ So .. does Twitter have a print option yet?
Tugg_ That's the real question.
Demogorgon02 wait... thats a real question?
ameliapond24 i have a twitter
Rickey Minaj I wish I had a big plate of ribs smothered in bbq sauce right infront of me.
electrician25hr MYKILL JACSUN faked his own death
joellatbird something more productive then this shit
vegasbby1991 i don't have twitter
breh1 o god yes
ameliapond24 i have 14.200 followers
SoulGood Whahaha all cheeer
SoulGood Whahahahhahaa
Demogorgon02 LOL amelia
breh1 i love ribs in and around my mouth
Tugg_ I agree with Rickey on this one.
joellatbird ima little addicted late night
SoulGood like.. 15 people
PuppYofDoom omgosh ricky i had those 2 weeks ago
SoulGood whahaha
Tugg_ Never mind that twitter talk.
ameliapond24 but no real friends
Tugg_ Where's the ribs?
Demogorgon02 nvm dont answer that
joellatbird but this place sucks
SoulGood *@!&ing.. .pointlessss
PuppYofDoom i cant now im on my diet of chicken and more chicken an then chicken..
Juliette_ I have soul blocked lmfao
Tugg_ Pup .. dude.
prom0del Did I just read that old man Soul is a DJ? lolz
Ennis Girl those russian dolls are so full of themselves
SoulGood no u dont…
Tugg_ You're letting me down man.
vegasbby1991 why blocked?
PuppYofDoom lmao why tugg
Juliette_ chicken nom nom
Rickey Minaj i'm on a see food diet. I see it and eat it.
SoulGood u know u liked our skyping… julliette
prom0del lol SOuls rejected again
Tugg_ You were supposed to save the ribs.
vegasbby1991 chicken and waffles!
Rickey Minaj I'm still skinny as a rake for some reason.
Juliette_ I made burgers tonight , pup
Rickey Minaj its cigs..
ameliapond24 no legit i have that many followers. i dont even know why!
Rickey Minaj cigs are the answer to making one skinny.
ameliapond24 yet noone will talk to me
PuppYofDoom lol my status was 2 weeks ago i ate like.. 20 ribs long smothreed
Juliette_ lol pro he was rejected alright
SoulGood Julliete has a friend .. but still she skyped
prom0del Soul rejected again lolz
breh1 20 ribs ?
SoulGood ok she didn't go all the way with her pussy..
breh1 jeezus
SoulGood I'm sure she wasn't shaved
PuppYofDoom damnit jules i cant eat bread past my cheat meal i had at mcdonalds
SoulGood she has nice legs though..
Rickey Minaj 5 for when you wake up.
prom0del I can't say I blame you Juliette, he has no redeeming characteristics nor any prospects
SoulGood i dont fancy her face much.
PuppYofDoom yeah chinese place gives ya 10 i ordered 2 orders
joellatbird U guys acting funny now
SoulGood but thats ok
Rickey Minaj the only time I eat is before bed.
Juliette_ Haha well they were Delish
ameliapond24 cheat meals used to be a thing for me.
Tugg_ Oh that style
PuppYofDoom i like the chinese long bbq ribs spare ribs they do
ameliapond24 now every meal is a cheta meal

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