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deerjesusdontdelete yellow suit dude?
kaptivating I will hand out hand candy too but have been invited to a party
deerjesusdontdelete lmao thats frat guy
DukesTheCredibleHulk LOOOOOOOOOOOL not surprised
DukesTheCredibleHulk Given the yellow suit
deerjesusdontdelete he was the mango rita
stevesmailbox2 by two slots
Zidgy i will also be handing out hard tooth cracking candy
DukesTheCredibleHulk I'll forgive him
DukesTheCredibleHulk Mangoritas are orange
kaptivating I like kit kats lol
deerjesusdontdelete hes a drunk hot mess
deerjesusdontdelete just pray for him
Garreth kit kat are yummy
stevesmailbox2 or as colored spacies as even cheroureds knows it
Tx_Cuddling_Girl i went to party last weekend got to drunk lol
Zidgy i'll mix in acorns and other super-hard nuts
DukesTheCredibleHulk I'll rep for him next time I get lost in Athens
michelleleslee If you're leaving I'm leaving
deerjesusdontdelete he wont add me on snapchat and everytime im drunk i keep talking shit about it to him
Zidgy walnuts
LolaLagunitas fuuuuudge... I have to go be social in real life
kaptivating I went out last night and for too drunk
kaptivating still am a little lol
Zidgy big hard walnuts
Garreth wahoooo kapt is drinking again
stevesmailbox2 emparresed
kaptivating I am drinking coffee now
stevesmailbox2 u was then
Garreth lol coffee is good
Tx_Cuddling_Girl i wont get drunk like that again lol
Garreth it will wake yo up
kaptivating yes it is Garreth
stevesmailbox2 3 aday u might add as lif in to u
Garreth makes all the cobwebs go away to
Zidgy also having an apple dunk, big barrel full of water and dozens of apples floating
cassie100 heeeeeeey
stevesmailbox2 in u needs nill
Tx_Cuddling_Girl cobwebs oh geeez
stevesmailbox2 becouse u ok
Tx_Cuddling_Girl ty atlas for the compliment
kaptivating I think I have a rug burn

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