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CitizenPM I'm a little fuzzy on the details
FlowerAquarian idk about this
Rachanaa so straight talk from emma
johnyd2811 a table
Rachanaa no joke
johnyd2811 at least a footstool
Emma Frost I mean, cuddle and sing songs together?
Emma Frost Is that girly enough?
johnyd2811 yeah do some lymrics
FlowerAquarian the singing is weird but yeah lmao
St0rM1E I'll flip Emma over and use her as a table... I mean what?
Emma Frost Oh, hello.
Rachanaa stormie's getting naughty today
St0rM1E I said as a table.
Emma Frost But, let's get back to sandwiches. When you guys make them, do you go all out, tomato, lettuce, cheese, salt, pepper?
St0rM1E Don't tell me you guys ~%!~ tables?
Emma Frost Or are you just like...Turkey, mayo, done.
CitizenPM depends on the sandwich emma
Marjack e-vening e-arthlings
Emma Frost I kind of want one now.
johnyd2811 there once was a girl from dundee got raped by an ape in a tree the result was most horid all cock and no forehead 3 balls just between you and me
CitizenPM if I'm having sliced corned beef I would want just mustard
CitizenPM but if it was pastrami I'd want kraut and russian dressing
St0rM1E I don't make sandwiches.
Emma Frost Lol Johny.
Rachanaa I am not gonna involve myself in this convo; I am going insane
St0rM1E Bread is fattening.
johnyd2811 thats a nice cuddly song
Emma Frost I've never had either of those sandwiches Citizen.
Marjack FOOD is fattening
CitizenPM I've eaten so much food
johnyd2811 funbag sandwich
St0rM1E Kraut? Isn't that what the Allies called the Nazis?
CitizenPM such wide varieties
Marjack if it's good, it's unhealthy
St0rM1E You put nazis in your sandwiches?
Marjack ze germans in ze sammich
CitizenPM well I do eat nazi's for breakfast
Emma Frost And once we're in enemy territory, as a bushwhackin' guerrilla army, we're gonna be doin' one thing and one thing only... killin' Nazis.
CitizenPM a few rounds of Wolfenstien
CitizenPM those b*tches hit the hills

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