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tomiky601 i love fairy tail
mydadsthesht catfish is yum
LolaLagunitas e-everything
VoteKegs ya no pms ladies... aint no body got time for you to ovulate
Edgy527 hello Lola
mydadsthesht Thrash -.-
Edgy527 i wouldnt enter into a e-relationship even after skyping vlad
LENOVO Lenovo lenovo wait til you find out what i like and what i like to do
tomiky601 if any of u guys are anime lovers go to dubzonline
VoteKegs <willing to skype fully clothed
Edgy527 ya never know if she just had a female head and a male lower body
VoteKegs <will get naked for 20 dollars
VoteKegs hi cynd
mydadsthesht oohhhhhh too true edgy
Edgy527 hello cyndi
VoteKegs ya im cheap
cobh22 Hi all
tomiky601 or just dubs
LENOVO Lenovo lenovo about a higher power i am not that higher power but i belong with it
VoteKegs its wireclub no body here has money
LolaLagunitas i'm coasting til payday
tomiky601 ether one is fine
WinterIsComing 20 canadian dollars which is even cheaper
cyndiblackrose hi too vote
joelle_bell Edgy u just gotta find the once special girl who will take it all off for u the first time around
LolaLagunitas get on skype
Lippy Hippy Chick Vote i just paid you 10 buck, what did you go up in price?
VoteKegs <doesnt accept credits but will accept vip badge
mydadsthesht just buy me a beer
Jazzy Haze except... Pulp
LolaLagunitas easey pesey
mydadsthesht lmao Edge
joelle_bell Cherry♡
Edgy527 Hi Cherry *hugs
tomiky601 how do u make faces
mydadsthesht Edge is mah best friendddddd
Edgy527 no bffs MyDad
LolaLagunitas i had a lunch date
mydadsthesht but im just a babbbbaaayyyyy
tomiky601 how o u make FACES
LolaLagunitas it went well.....but he didnt kiss me
Edgy527 i got too many ppl who are in line for that position already, sorry

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