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ZebraMachine Lol Pork Grinds
dishpit_fail tubesteak tommy
morgierae67 decent guys!?
dishpit_fail wire had it
SarahLovesTunes Steak and Shake.
dishpit_fail were going with his idea
W1r3 No desent guys
Jacob Scott burntsoul remember i was your first
Jacob Scott your first like that is
ZebraMachine So, tubesteak Tommy
Codybear1011 @morgierae67 Add me I got you
jazzloverinnc hi ladies
SarahLovesTunes Not steak and shake?
ZebraMachine Oh, I like Sarahs
ZebraMachine It's more classy
gowthamraju any one interested in movie production
Jacob Scott sarah i wanna take you to a romantic diner at kfc
SarahLovesTunes lol, sooo romantic...
Jacob Scott fried chicken isn't love?
ZebraMachine KFC, you two are moving fast
SarahLovesTunes I just made BBQ chicken. It was awesome. I don't need KFC.
Mr Dorkenstein romance is pretty much last century
SarahLovesTunes Which is surprising, cause I'm a terrible cook.
BurntSoul I would take him up on that KFC
ZebraMachine KFC was my first job in highschool
gowthamraju any one interested in movie production
Jacob Scott now i want some chicken
ZebraMachine Shut up gowthamraju
morgierae67 normal chat?
ZebraMachine That was rude...
Vladimir_Poutine My first job was A&W.
dishpit_fail right but if im asking you to work the pole for me i dont want a choir boy i want something grimey and dirty
Vladimir_Poutine First real job. Before that I was a woodcutter with my Dad.
Jacob Scott so many people here
ZebraMachine Ugh, fine. Im tommy tubesteak
ZebraMachine The things I do for you
gowthamraju i need job in indian
ZebraMachine The principals I compromise

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