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mopar426 whit delet my skype it got hacked
shanabanana69 I say we all drink Tequila, light the streets on fire, and terrorize children. Or not
thePervy1 hi brooklyn
ryan hardbodz Just be here will give u the addy later lol
Oldshoe It is shannon
Tpainz maybe no U2 while eating the ice cream
Shannon SW oldshoe, trust me, i know plenty of emos. none of them slit their wrists
yummy_peaches Forgot I was still here
PaleBurnedAcid i like the terrorize kids part of that plan
PaleBurnedAcid and the tequila
Oldshoe Do they jump of bridges instead
mopar426 peaches was making out
ryan hardbodz Dang u guys know e1 pain, pale?
Shannon SW oldshoe, no
mopar426 4 got she was on
Oldshoe What do they do them
Shannon SW they live happy lives just like you and me
PaleBurnedAcid I know nobody
whitelight123 hello peaches
shanabanana69 I was a kid once, they are evil, hahaha
ryan hardbodz Brooklyn did u see what I wrote the other day?
mopar426 wow arleene
deanmazin20 hi shannon
Oldshoe No way shannon
Brooklyn_99 I actually just saw it Ryan that's very sweet
whitelight123 hows the cupcake?.
Oldshoe i thought they were miserable wee shits
ryan hardbodz U do remind me of a friend
Shannon SW oldshoe, thats because you believe everything the mainstream media tells you
Shannon SW you watch too much tv
ryan hardbodz funny thing is her name is Brooklyn too
Brooklyn_99 i get that a lot haha people always tell me i remind them of a friend
mopar426 beachlady is here
Oldshoe I don't have a telly
Oldshoe boo hoo
whitelight123 hows your day been unfolding peaches?
Whitney_ I should just go
mopar426 every1 say hi to beachlady
mopar426 whit stay
PaleBurnedAcid *sigh* I have no smokes, I should go to bed
Whitney_ I mean to the bar
mopar426 quit winning
mopar426 whinning

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