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MG_Vargas Wolves has Chipmunk cheeks when she smiles.
MG_Vargas U, I just want to see u fight
HouseOfWolves I'm trying to smile in a picture and it looks awful
King of Kings1 wolves looks like someone farted in her
mmkeebler29578 aphro y wont answe in pm who is getting u in trouble in rdu
untouchablemar Omg km falling asleep
MG_Vargas Take the nuts out first, than try again
TrainWreckBarbii Lol she's cute
Gohawks01 hi room
King of Kings1 ya nice legs villz
MG_Vargas YES! Lie to her, she likes that
MG_Vargas I can't look back at Whitney, every time I do, she leaves
realsoutherndude Train Wreck is cute
MG_Vargas She is, but her reluctance to fight is annoying
MG_Vargas Yep, u do
LENOVO Lenovo lenovo Sissy not Lacy
TrainWreckBarbii Listen here mg I called you on you backed down
Whitney_ Long time no see, Vargas
Gohawks01 how is everyone
brett_1202 i am deleting this crap
MG_Vargas Aw, bye brett
untouchablemar Yeah ir sucks
originality not bad hawks
originality hows u man
MG_Vargas *tips hat* Whitney
Gohawks01 good thx
Whitney_ Hey Origin
originality hey whit =]
MG_Vargas U didn't wanna fight fair
TrainWreckBarbii I always fight fair
MG_Vargas If I take my shirt off to fight, why should u be able to keep urs on. That's not fair play
HouseOfWolves there you go
HouseOfWolves im smiling
TrainWreckBarbii Lol! Well I never!
HouseOfWolves merry christmas enjoy it while it lasts
originality music provided.
Pulp Awkward.
MG_Vargas About time

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