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Leah Tortilla no one worth a damn does
TeePizzle hahaha oh man he did?! I want to hear that bastards voice
myowndemons i made colo rage quit and leave chat for good last year
mostly Daryl I like your picture, very realistic.
myowndemons tani hold on
Songbird_nz lol that reminds me of that time my phone weather app said it was cloudy with showers and it was sunnier than a sunny thing
Noriii is anyoone else sick of hearing about canada's problems????
Leah Tortilla she didnt try very hard..he
Noriii hey demo!!
TeePizzle lol nori.
Noriii lol tani
TeePizzle hey demo
Demogorgon02 norii dorii
mostly He he he!
Noriii they keep talking about it
Demogorgon02 hi tee dizzle
Noriii im over canada already
Demogorgon02 oh snap pizzle
sunshyne2 ain't no...
TeePizzle fo shizzle?
Songbird_nz Oh Canada!
Songbird_nz thats all i know
TeePizzle like drizzle...
myowndemons i tried to pm u lol
myowndemons http://vocaroo.com/i/s0inBRbpal6f
myowndemons theres monk
TeePizzle wait no one type!! lol
Demogorgon02 wizzle my nizzle its that ?
Noriii im sorry CANADA experienced their first evver drive-by-shootiing, but damn, why is it our business?
Leah Tortilla because we love Canada but they hate us
Rumi Balkhi leah not only Canada
myowndemons eff canada
myowndemons wolf gonna appear now
Rumi Balkhi middle eastern Russians
Leah Tortilla no shit oingo
Noriii get it,,, cuz canadians say "eh"
Leah Tortilla everyone does
TeePizzle lmfao wait monks a girl? loool
Leah Tortilla lol yes norri
Noriii lmfao
myowndemons did i give the wrong one
TeePizzle hahahahhaahhaahah
TeePizzle I think you gave me lexis one hahahaha
Revers3 chris
myowndemons lmao im lexi
Noriii yall know that guy REVERS3
myowndemons pmsl hold on
boofhead41 hmmmmmm
Noriii hes a DOM

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