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Adorable_Adria my husband is... not...my....brother
lacyelaine what was it again...the screen was going so fast and now I can't find it
mute me im Jewish i like how they roll there
Smouldering Ember advertises Abe on Wire.
Asianlily Stop denying our love
Edgy527 kenny, you dont get to upgrade
halzbells let me upgrade ya
Bit harsh Your husband is your brother
BonjourAmour I am my own grandpa
cookies and milk A day to remember
lianap2014 Just Trina reach my goal
Edgy527 she gets to poison you one night and collect the insurance
abe the arab *flaunts it all over wire*
BonjourAmour IS that a Willie Nelson song?
Bit harsh Wake that woman up
originality lacy just click the link
Smouldering Ember Haha, there you go, Abe1
Asianlily I go over here now
The Ghost of Gangsta edgy, even for lily?
Vladimir_Poutine Oh yeah. You can click the link.
halzbells adria prove to us that you're married
Edgy527 i dont think lily is your type
andrewrollind_dubois m sick of you,,, iilll ennd yuuu
Asianlily <----would be a downgrade
claire6 Hey andrew
Bit harsh Sad cop out bye the trash that married her brother
Asianlily thats mean edgy
halzbells Willie Nelson just played a couple weeks ago near me
Bit harsh You would lily
Edgy527 i mean, i cant imagine her letting you call her a B1tch
claire6 Are you deutsch, Andrew?
Bit harsh I was flagged
halzbells He still smoking weed and getting caught though
Vladimir_Poutine Originality....if that song doesn't scream romance, I don't know what does.
BonjourAmour And you didn't go?
TrainWreckBarbiie I'm sleepy, but can't sleep
Edgy527 i meant it in the best ways lily
The Ghost of Gangsta edgy, what makes lily not my type? other than being significantly out of my league
sponge__worthy Did you get a contact high from being in the audience, Halz?
originality I hadn't heard it
cookies and milk Thank god im not a virgin
claire6 Nice!
halzbells i didnt know about it until i turned on m tv bonjour
StrictSir Damn I need 2K in credits
Vladimir_Poutine Did YOU click the link?
andrewrollind_dubois more armenian than french n germn
originality but there probably are songs that are just dudes screaming romance
halzbells I got a contact high through my tv SPONGE
lacyelaine yeah...that has some pretty messed up lyrics
Asianlily yeah you cant call me a biatch
andrewrollind_dubois lol 1/3 all those
claire6 Is that why you have the german eagle tattoo, Andrew?
Asianlily bit what did I do now!
cookies and milk U high off of life
halzbells I would of totally been there. Willie is my soulmate.
claire6 Sprechen deutsch, Andrew?

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