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justpaul let there pix
MarkusMcLaughlin the women in here HATE the men in here and they refuse to exercise, dance, AND wear skirts
BabyColada Lol in many ways I do
justpaul as light
sponge__worthy Latina is fake, yet non-blonde. She's quite the quandary.
BillySix i know...
Sky2H skypeee?
LatinaAa_Lady Indeed I am.
PuppYofDoom i add some girl named after a porkbelly slice.. cuz her pics are hot
PuppYofDoom i know its fake
Nism0Drift1x the legend of mary loo
justpaul let there be @*^%&^s
justpaul god said
sponge__worthy I'd like to see Latina in a blonde wig.
BillySix latina, i think im starting to have very innapropriate thoughts about you
Nism0Drift1x havent you heard it
MarkusMcLaughlin jp, let there be pusssy...........cats!
BabyColada Ricolaaaaaaa
justpaul and behold, there were &^@!%%s
BillySix it involves a huge horn
LatinaAa_Lady I've always wanted to try light hair. BUt my husband doesn't like it.
Nism0Drift1x she got stuck in a blow hole and she drowned
BillySix want me to take care of your husband? *loads .45
King of Kings1 hes crazy latina
ezraelliot Stfu Nigel and let latina do it
MarkusMcLaughlin let there be life and there was life and it was good!
ms_james Ok I seriously need to look for my bong. My room mate put it sonewhere
LatinaAa_Lady Lol. I had brown hair once; that was enough for him.
sponge__worthy He doesn't even allow you to colour your hair?! What a tyrant.
BillySix yes Miss, take a big ol hoot for me
tnmusicman hello all
breh1 420 blaze it i guess
King of Kings1 youd look like beyonce
sponge__worthy Not only would I allow you to go blonde, I'd Order you to.
BillySix and feel the tetrahydrocannibinols side effect of arousal sensitivity
LatinaAa_Lady Oh, I don't need his permission to color my hair. Lol. But his preference does matter.
breh1 kinda bored smoking weed 24/7
justpaul ok so lost bong
BabyColada I'm a reall a$$ person
sponge__worthy But I'm a new-age gentleman.
LatinaAa_Lady I WISH, King.
Nism0Drift1x she had powers or some shit
Sky2H hiiiii
justpaul MN state fair has recovery rate of 999%
Nism0Drift1x aprrantly she was a real witch
Nism0Drift1x b4 she died
ms_james I rebooted my libido by hooking up with my ex
King of Kings1 I can see ur halooooo
BillySix colada, ive had your ass, i know its real
steven3015 hello sky2h
ms_james Now I must find an fwb
MsTiffany gojetsgocool's Pictures Block me because I didn't respond fast enough to your IM, good u saved me the time and energy.
justpaul because MN is so nice
Nism0Drift1x happend in the 50,s
sponge__worthy You make sex sound so techie, Ms James.
BillySix good lindsay, maybe now youll let me eat you out finally
MarkusMcLaughlin all women are mean and unattractive, right MsTiffany?

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