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Katey92 I don't need approval of my tits from an 50 yr old man..
Katey92 Enjoy your applesauce
jayfer72 No doubt
Dr Plug lol applesauce
jimmykhalsa29 hii katee
jimmykhalsa29 i m 20 yrs old
accounts4bio is this an orlando chat?
Dr Plug im young and i love applesauce
vbukchin this is world chat
vbukchin california
Dr Plug im too lazy to eat apples
Songbird_nz I haven't had applesauce in so long
RitzCracker why post a tit picture if not to look for approval
jayfer72 Apple and cheddar cheese
vbukchin weirdo
jayfer72 Attention seeking Ritz
Songbird_nz ewww apples and cheese?
Dr Plug @Songbird_nz eat more applesauce
jayfer72 It is yummy song
Songbird_nz what will I eat it with?
Dr Plug cinnimon
Songbird_nz that truly sounds a bizarre combo
adamluvs69 who has nice tits herer/
vbukchin wish...wishes...
Songbird_nz I don't like pork lol
Dr Plug katey does
jayfer72 Peanut butter and pickles
Juliette the brave this is sad I've lost both my ph and iPad chargers
shortallman I love pork
jayfer72 Or onion
Dr Plug @Juliette the brave did ya check between your legs?
Songbird_nz peanut butter and jam?
vbukchin why don't u go out to a mall and choose a girl wit nice tits
jayfer72 Gees Juliet
vbukchin that sucks
vbukchin i had an extra one just come
jayfer72 Look it the couch
Dr Plug yah look it the couch..( whatever that meant)
jayfer72 She understood
Dr Plug yah..shes on your level
adamluvs69 u look hot brave
Dr Plug i didnt get what you said
jayfer72 There ya go

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