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Nero_ *hides*
HouseOfWolves i like it
DÄVÉ© I love Mozart
Revers3 yeah they're on most forums ive seen
Nero_ i don't
DÄVÉ© but Beethoven is my true love
PrettyLilPsycho Real Jean I heard died being felt up at an airport
Nero_ I like some mozart. I'll listen to it
monicaherman96 maybe i should just close each tab? i dont know
Nero_ I can't judge without listening, that makes me a moron
JeanetteCula That was at the Emergency Room!
Revers3 well some
JeanetteCula They fcking frisked me ffs.
Sebzy nooo Jeanette McFoley is very much alive
JeanetteCula and told me to present the scissors from my purse?
Panacea I would have frisked Jean
Cali Gangsta monica, close the browser.
DÄVÉ© Beethoven's strings are beautiful to me
PrettyLilPsycho Hes a fat has been
Revers3 so video tomorrow wolf?
Nero_ beethoven is my favorite of that era also
JeanetteCula Which turned out to be cat clippers ...that I fergot I had.
MG_Vargas Close the tabs, don't close em...just shhhhh about it.
Nero_ the emotion his music has reflects how I feel very often
PrettyLilPsycho Look s like a Jack O Lantern
JeanetteCula Mick Foley is having back issues lately.
BlueTie back issues?
BlueTie big butt?
JeanetteCula He needs to lose some weight. He is a fatso.
BlueTie jk lol
Cali Gangsta jean, 'cause he's old and fat
BlueTie haha I was right
Revers3 no response -_-
Nero_ ooh this mozart piece is indeed nice
Panacea Maybe it's his man boobs
JeanetteCula ....all then knocks he took. The docs cant fix his back.
Panacea That's causing him back probs
HouseOfWolves i told you
BlueTie man boobs isn't there a boob reduction surgery for that
Kawaiiii the amount of fat people that don't care about the issues that come with it... is scary :x
Nero_ that's why I listened
JeanetteCula He just has too many back issues. Surgery isnt an option.
BlueTie house
Revers3 told me what/
Cali Gangsta i'd like to get breast reduction
BlueTie hru house
HouseOfWolves not you rev
OingoBoingo Hey everyone
Revers3 you didnt answer my question
HouseOfWolves I'm good listening to classical music
coooookies moob reduction
BlueTie breast should not be reduced
Kawaiiii "You're really fat, you need to lose weight or you might get osteoarthritis and type II diabetes" "oh that's okay *eats another burger*"
mendozajohneric18 Hi everyone.
HouseOfWolves what was your question i was tabbed out
Panacea can men get boob reductions?
BlueTie I like classical music
Panacea Serious question
coooookies lol i have no idea
Revers3 so video tomorrow?
Kawaiiii yes they can
BlueTie they should panacea
heidis osteowhat?????
Nero_ ooooh mozart you';re getting fruity agaiinn
dralexjr hi room

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