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heywsup sowwy mg
Saucy Siren So, Sponge....biology class time?
TrainWreckBarbiie why am I rude(
quackattackteal2 Bye everyone
Adorable_Adria You`dont know my password to log on here
BonjourAmour That's a lot of numbers...
MG_Vargas Not u, HeyW. That was to Barbii
Vladimir_Poutine Train gets boarded by dozens of rich tourists every day.
ezraelliot If I just buy a hammer and black tape will they think I'm a nutter at the hardware store?
sponge__worthy Depends, did you get a D in it, Siren?
BonjourAmour What is the significance of those numbers??
MG_Vargas Are too
sponge__worthy I mean a DD.
quackattackteal2 Beware of abe the ariabic booby cock blocking he she
Pretty_Lil_Psycho Matty Geeze lol
Saucy Siren I got the D all the time.
TrainWreckBarbiie jusr say bye and gimmy a hug jerky
andrewrollind_dubois komm mit mir auf der zimmer
BonjourAmour Siren got the D alright
MG_Vargas Go over there >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Saucy Siren Wait, what?
Previously your beauty takes my breath away
sponge__worthy Oh, you went THERE.
andrewrollind_dubois brauch'n zimmer
quackattackteal2 did any of that make any sense ?
Saucy Siren shock and awe
quackattackteal2 I don't think so
Rata3090379278 how are you
ezraelliot Thanks previously
Vladimir_Poutine Train choo choo chooses to be here.
sponge__worthy I was trying to class up the ....class.
Rata3090379278 where you fm?
whooza_nerd rata, life is wonderful but sooooooooooo busy
BonjourAmour None of this makes any sense
TrainWreckBarbiie lmao vlad. you got jokes today
sponge__worthy And you went and derailed it.
Adorable_Adria Whooza ........ you don't know my password
sponge__worthy Much like TrainWreck does.
Saucy Siren #sorrynotsorry
halzbells okay i'm back back back
Vladimir_Poutine Train is very well trained.
whooza_nerd adria, that is true, but you know it
ezraelliot Very well put vlad
whooza_nerd halz, wb
sponge__worthy #wish*I*wenttherefirst
Leah Tortilla hey there Ez
halzbells THank you WHOOZA
ezraelliot Hey Leah!!!
Adorable_Adria Yes I know it .
Asianlily Whenever I say the word monkey I want to pout then hug someone
Crfm Hiii
Asianlily I'm weird

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