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_gIrLy_gIrLy_ how are you?
theresnosuchplace I'm ok thanks. Yourself?
_gIrLy_gIrLy_ what brings you here tonight?
_gIrLy_gIrLy_ just wonderful thank you
theresnosuchplace I was interested to see if anyone was alive in here and if there was any poetry going around
_gIrLy_gIrLy_ well alive but no so sure about poetry
theresnosuchplace lol its a good start anyways
_gIrLy_gIrLy_ was interested as well to hear some poetry tonight
_gIrLy_gIrLy_ are you a poet?
theresnosuchplace I kind of had it on the brain as I just signed up and named myself after a song lyric
theresnosuchplace I like to write a bit, but I'm not really a poet no
_gIrLy_gIrLy_ hmmm.. well never know
theresnosuchplace true... how about yourself? Any poetry to inspire me with?
_gIrLy_gIrLy_ ha ha no.. none
_gIrLy_gIrLy_ where you from?
_gIrLy_gIrLy_ down under..
theresnosuchplace yeah down under lol
theresnosuchplace hobbies... uhm... reading, playing guitar, cars, sports etc etc
theresnosuchplace how about you?
theresnosuchplace I have 2 little kids though, so not a lot of time for such things
theresnosuchplace hmmmm I guess you're busy
_gIrLy_gIrLy_ spending time with family
_gIrLy_gIrLy_ work takes much time away from family..
_gIrLy_gIrLy_ so anything to enjoy with them
_gIrLy_gIrLy_ Beach movie shopping parties.. sport etc
theresnosuchplace thats right. I'm taking a week off next week to spend some more time with mine
_gIrLy_gIrLy_ I love to relax in the beach
theresnosuchplace sounds good yeah. It's winter here, but I can't wait for summer to arrive
_gIrLy_gIrLy_ what will you do when vacation comes?
theresnosuchplace nothin too exciting just hang out with the kids. Got a few odds and ends to do. Maybe a couple of outings, the zoo etc
mads_3 Hey, Crispy.
togtuun_sarah Is amyone here

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