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Fiyero of inner turmoil and obscurity
Fiyero from a love I never found.
Fiyero Choirs of thunder intensify
Fiyero the place a dark heart dwells.
Fiyero Claps of lightning identify
Fiyero a terrifying beauty which compels.
Fiyero A useless emotion that remains,
Fiyero the kind that feels like chains,
Fiyero and although I grew up with it..
Fiyero I am not defined by it,
Fiyero the question is if I should..
Fiyero Clever synapses electrify
Fiyero an idea I never entertained
Fiyero experience stands to justify
Fiyero a hope unjustly gained.
Fiyero The sound of lucidity bells.
Fiyero The promise of a new age.
Fiyero A bright dawn that sadness quells.
Fiyero And in the rage of love, my soul tore apart.
Fiyero And in the desire of love, I have lost my heart.
Fiyero And in the hope of love, I am lost in insanity's art.
Fiyero And in the edge of love, I see our chosen place....
Fiyero Where we are together but alone.
nezbah Hey everyone
Fiyero hello
nezbah Hows it going?
Fiyero it's alright
Fiyero trying to come up with a title for the poem I just wrote
Fiyero yourself?
nezbah Im good just uhhh trying to figure out im done with something I just wrote
Fiyero right then.
Fiyero Have a good night.
veganwarrior123 are you the creator of this room?
Fiyero no, this is a room created by wireclub itself
Fiyero no normal user is mod here
veganwarrior123 do you write poetry?
veganwarrior123 cool me too
Fiyero sometimes more than others
veganwarrior123 I haven't written in awhile, I need to get back into it
veganwarrior123 but I do like to write it
Fiyero cool, you should try a few lines here and there
Fiyero you will get back to it in no time
veganwarrior123 I can share one here
veganwarrior123 ok going to take some time to type out but here it goes, I will write the word end, when it is over
veganwarrior123 it's called The Cleanser
veganwarrior123 it's about a river in Florida
veganwarrior123 and how it has healing powers to help sooth the mind when it is stressed
veganwarrior123 ok here it goes
veganwarrior123 Tension Build up in your mind, no shortage only the constant timeline
veganwarrior123 go to the cleanser feel its coldness strike your thoughts
veganwarrior123 while looking into its panorama image depicted, it erases the tension, along transparent baptism of comfort existed
veganwarrior123 healing takes place as the images become touchable
veganwarrior123 all barriers abstructable, while you swim to its core
veganwarrior123 The Cleanser, Tension Depressor, Liquidize The Spiritual sector
Fiyero sounds like a good commercial
veganwarrior123 what kind of commercial?
Fiyero go to the cleanser, the problem eraser
veganwarrior123 lol yeah kind of commercial like I guess
veganwarrior123 what do you like to write about?
Fiyero love, I guess
veganwarrior123 like love for all people? Or relationship love as in romance with someone?
Fiyero unrequited love, broken love, rejected love
veganwarrior123 hmm I've never been in love in a romance sense, but I understand love of loving as a friend or close family

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