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Fiyero ok, vamos a ver..
Fiyero buscate el feeling
Fiyero piensa en ella
Fiyero hmm..
Fiyero llegue a la tierra que me prometi
Fiyero espere atento a mi alrededor
Fiyero hmm.. no..
Fiyero joder..
Fiyero llevame contigo, guardame un lugar
Fiyero cerca de tu corazon <3
Fiyero dejame tenerte, dejate querer
Fiyero antes de que pierda la razon♫
Fiyero hmm..
Fiyero Cuando pienso en ti me imagino
Fiyero que la soledad fue solo un mal sueño.
Fiyero Cuando te siento en mi corazon, dentro
Fiyero puedo sentir que tienes la llave que abrirá...
Fiyero todo lo que es mi centro.
aminbeigi313 here speaks about poems yes?
aminbeigi313 nice which poems
SerendipityForever I don't own the room
aminbeigi313 do you read persian poems
SerendipityForever I can't speak the language
aminbeigi313 for example molana or saadi or hafez
aminbeigi313 i mean in english
aminbeigi313 i read one of shexpiers poems in persian
aminbeigi313 i think read poems can help people to understand eachother
SerendipityForever I think so too
BRIGHTER THENFIRE HOW, how are we tonight.are your words full of beauty or is beautiful merely another word?
Fiyero both?
BRIGHTER THENFIRE poetry the language of the heart
BRIGHTER THENFIRE but what inspired the conception of such a phrase, surely not just mona, lisa. must be more
BRIGHTER THENFIRE is beauty,, perceptive, or twas the one who authored life the beautiful ?
SerendipityForever bored bored bored bored bored....

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