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seIfish maybe if you grunt and wave your dick at the end people will laugh.
Illuminite may the gods take pitty on your ignorant soul.
seIfish thats actually a pretty good shtick, im keeping that for myself.
seIfish im just going to say the stupidest thing imaginable and then wave my dick around.
seIfish very artsy.
trunkfitmon119 Yo who yall talking about
Illuminite make dick art
seIfish im just talking about hypothetical situations which could ruin my life.
Illuminite like that one dude who paints with his dick
SaraCK James Franco?
seIfish hahahahah james franco
trunkfitmon119 Yo like i said Illuminati is gay
seIfish sweet lord that was a home run
SaraCK I try.
trunkfitmon119 Do u know what they do?
Illuminite im sure you know all about the illuminati
trunkfitmon119 I guest u don't know bro
seIfish james franco is a legit punchline to a plethora of indignation though.
seIfish hes the playboy for verbal punishment.
SaraCK Haha, I won't disagree. It was almost too easy
Illuminite im sure i know more than you, "bro"
SaraCK Should've done better than that
seIfish could have done like jonah hill. that would have worked.
seIfish but like you could have said "the skinny jonah hill"
kristenj_97 are crackers considered bread
Illuminite crackers are a grain product
seIfish theyre considered delicious snacks you ape. learn how to bread.
seIfish too harsh?
seIfish im an animal.
SaraCK Why are you so mean to her?
kristenj_97 teach me how to bread
seIfish my bad.
Illuminite that was perfectly fine
kristenj_97 yeah why are you so mean to me
kristenj_97 im offended
seIfish im sorry.
seIfish i just get frustrated.
kristenj_97 im kidding.
seIfish like i just want everyone to bread properly.
seIfish its a passion of mine.
SaraCK I was offended for her, she's only human.
kristenj_97 that i dont know my bread
trunkfitmon119 Then why are u even on here
kristenj_97 i am only human
seIfish im sorry
seIfish i swear to god im sorry
seIfish forgive me
seIfish i beg you
Illuminite he's lying
Illuminite hes just gunna do it again!
Illuminite and again!
trunkfitmon119 Yea he lying
kristenj_97 i am speechless
seIfish i feel less than human right now.
Illuminite stupid emote scum whores
Illuminite kristen you should buzz half your head
seIfish real talk
Illuminite and die the other half pink
trunkfitmon119 Yo forgive selfish he's cool
kristenj_97 ok i will thanks for that
SaraCK that's part of the human experience tho selfish.
kristenj_97 no i will never
seIfish i dont deserve her forgiveness
Illuminite please?!
seIfish i should die alone
SaraCK sometimes we all feel less than, it's cool.
Illuminite good news, selfish!
Illuminite you're dying alone
seIfish oh, well, ya, but thats not really anything new.
trunkfitmon119 Yo selfish she forgives u i think
Illuminite poor fella

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