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TripetalApe welp...poop
TripetalApe howdy, kiwi
darknightcerberus just ate me some fush and chups
darknightcerberus haha crossed eyed dog
darknightcerberus ok time to watch tv
gmomoney whats up anyone on still??
darknightcerberus who likes steak
masamune_hshs im japanese
darknightcerberus im batman shh dont tell lol
darknightcerberus how do you swear in japanese lol
darknightcerberus alles oder nichts
darknightcerberus allein in zeit
darknightcerberus gegen den wind
darknightcerberus ich bin frei
darknightcerberus teach me japanese
darknightcerberus did you watch dbz or yugioh?lol

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