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LyricalLove Sorry text prediction is a #*$@$ lol
somuch2give Oh, things be jammin' here! lol
puppydog1590 Im in love with the girl from xandria.I met her monday night here in the usa and I cant stop thinking about her.
puppydog1590 She was beautiful and talented
puppydog1590 The girl from delain was polite but businesslike
puppydog1590 Someone tell me to come to reality
Yung_ryder Guys I just sneezed
Yung_ryder Anyone's gonna say bless u?
Yung_ryder Ok fine see u all in hell
AudreyAnn1971 I am having my honorary aquarium parents over for dinner.
Yung_ryder That's awesome!!!!!! But I don't think I care
AudreyAnn1971 They insist that I make their iced tea with the water in my toilet. They are strange.
Yung_ryder Good luck with that
AudreyAnn1971 I've broken all of their bubbles
AudreyAnn1971 With a sharp stick
somuch2give Seriously?
somuch2give Wow, wire my have actually tapped the incredible moment for me with that.

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