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kellyc3784 I know thank you and no that's all.
kellyc3784 Nee redd up and guten tag is all i was taught
ploxedits you're welcome
ploxedits Jauh, guten Tag ^^
kellyc3784 My mpthers side is anabaptist aka Amish
ploxedits Sounds Good
ploxedits where are you from?
kellyc3784 I'm from U.S.A
ploxedits Ohu, Great ^^ i always want to go there ^^
kellyc3784 Its a good place to grow up. Lots of intresting cultures
ploxedits Yes indeed
kellyc3784 I always wanted to go to the black forest
kellyc3784 Love woodlands
ploxedits Yep the Black Forest is for nature people ...
ploxedits "Schwarzwald" in german ^^
kellyc3784 Does it stay dark during the day because of trees I've heard that from some poeple
ploxedits Yes i traveld with my parents int he past
ploxedits childhood memories ^^
kellyc3784 Wow. how was it?
ploxedits Awesome....^^
ploxedits As a child i was to young for all good memories
ploxedits ore to remember
kellyc3784 Sounds like it. my cousin lived there for ten yrs because her husband was in the army.
ploxedits I was thinking about withdrawal
ploxedits But my gf dont want this for me
kellyc3784 Withdrawl?
kellyc3784 From what?
ploxedits indentation
ploxedits idk the right expression
kellyc3784 Oh i see.
kellyc3784 i understand what you mean
ploxedits k shool english isnt good -.-
kellyc3784 That's ok.
ploxedits I just wanna tarvel this year Ireland....
kellyc3784 i always wanted to go there too. wanted my honeymoon there but couldn't do it
ploxedits next goal is maybe a tripp around the world...i am young study is finish this year...why not
ploxedits I wanna see diffrent motorcycle in diffrent countrys
kellyc3784 Enjoy it while your young.
ploxedits i am 23 this year so....i am not young at all ^^
kellyc3784 Younger than me lol
johnnyrocks35 yeah!!!!!!
kellyc3784 Hi lamour
johnnyrocks35 wordy me mo!
kellyc3784 I got married at 22
ploxedits gf is waiting i guess but i am not ready for
ploxedits a srsly relationship
kellyc3784 Its a serious. decsion
ploxedits Yep indeed
kellyc3784 best not to rush into it.
kellyc3784 And seriously. there's lots of time for you yet
ploxedits Jauh, but we are together since 3 Years....i realy love this girl but i am not sure....if its right and i i am ready ^^
ploxedits so i stop talking with my gf about future plans... xD
ploxedits Are you happy married?
kellyc3784 If ur not sure then ur not ready. and its good ur in love. i have been married nine yrs and still love my husband
ploxedits Sounds Perfect
ploxedits do you have childs?
torso torso
kellyc3784 Far from perfect lol yes we have two girls and a stepson
ploxedits Ok...nothing is perfect but sounds good ^^
kellyc3784 My husband was married 17 yrs ago
kellyc3784 My stepson is 20 lol and he has a daughter now so I'm a young grandmother haha
ploxedits Its fine if you are happy....
kellyc3784 It just feels wierd to be a 31 yro grandma lol
kellyc3784 My girls are 8 and 5
ploxedits i agree/ understand but thats the live we are living....crazy world ^^
kellyc3784 Well my husband is 42 so there's an age gap but it works
torso tizzorso

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