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Facepuncher Actually, I feel that way about Children of the Corn too.
Oneiros I loved the first one
Oneiros scared the shit out of me when I first saw it as a kid
Facepuncher I think my most blatantly weird film opinion is that The Frighteners was the last good Peter Jackson film.
Facepuncher The LotR trilogy is unwatchable, and it only goes downhill from there.
Oneiros can't say I've seen that one
Oneiros will look it up, though
Oneiros I think I'm more tolerant than you, then
Oneiros I loved all Lord of the Rings
Oneiros beautiful productions
Facepuncher Basically, every pre-LotR Peter Jackson movie is amazing. Bad Taste and Meet The Feebles are brilliantly gross yet artsy, and Dead Alive is my favorite movie of all time.
Facepuncher Being visually beautiful doesn't make it not hours on end of people walking.
Oneiros good point
Oneiros but you're pretty much into splatters, aren't you?
PaleBurnedAcid I hate movies that wear me out
Facepuncher I do like some splatter stuff, but I'm not sure I'd say it's my go-to.
Oneiros Pale, you should never watch "Gods and Generals" then
Facepuncher For whatever reason I like documentaries a lot, it could be about almost anything. Even ones where I end up totally disagreeing with the conclusion can be interesting.
Oneiros man... documentaries make my day, too
Facepuncher Hell, even Michael Moore is kinda entertaining because he's one of the few people who can make me hate liberals.
Oneiros he's too pop for my taste
Oneiros I like real journalists, people who dig deep and aren't afraid to show the truth
Oneiros John Pilger is one of my all time favorites
Facepuncher No such thing as too pop. If you grew up in the 90s you had to own a Spice Girls album.
Facepuncher I still have mine actually.
Oneiros Pale? Mouse should see a few of Pilger's documentaries...
Facepuncher It's basically street cred at this point.
Oneiros and I'd smack anyone who dis them, Puncher
Oneiros but that's not what I mean...
Oneiros Moore produces awesome documentaries, but he's too afraid to lose credibility, so he never asks the difficult questions
Oneiros the real difficult ones
Facepuncher Is Pilger the guy that did Year Zero?
Oneiros among many other good journalistic pieces
flabergast Physics
Facepuncher You know it's horse shit because it inspired Trent Reznor.
Oneiros his more recent works are quite good too
Oneiros War on Democracy is a must see
Oneiros but I recommend everything the guy ever did
Oneiros he's a true humanist, Pilger
Facepuncher The war you don't see, the truth and lies of the war on terror, war by other means...
Facepuncher The dude just loves wars.
Oneiros his angle is always that of the common man, the guy on the receiving end of unpopular policies
Oneiros anyway, I gotta' go... I'll try and find one of those films you mentioned
Oneiros take care
awa_mineral hello! is there anyone who speaks Arabic here??
Facepuncher You do, I presume. That means at least 1 person does.
awa_mineral i can't speak arabic
awa_mineral i just love this great song in arabic and i'd like someone to translate the lyrics for me
driemock "death to america"

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