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rmch hrm
willbiggs77 tranquilitea know you make me think about you
soulgame Can u link a YouTube song
soulgame The Levellers - One Way: The Levellers - One Way
rmch Gah, don't know how to link stuff
soulgame Take out the s
soulgame In the https
soulgame Good job
soulgame I do like it
soulgame I must have esp because that was the first song of theirs that I listened to
rmch Do you know what a Bodhran is?
rmch here's another good one The Levellers - The Boatman
soulgame No I don't
soulgame Do you listen to cocorosie tea
rmch Nope,what is that?
tranquilitea I've heard Lemonade
soulgame Rmch cocorosie is a band
rmch Yep, I meant what style?
soulgame Yeah animals is better
rmch Heya
Steve White martin garrix?
tranquilitea checking it out!
soulgame Its kinda like Jose Gonzales or fin
Steve White i am making music
Steve White
rmch Thanks for Low Roar
tranquilitea that album is a good one, rmch, you should listen to it
soulgame CocoRosie - Animals: YouTube
soulgame Cocorosie Werewolf: Cocorosie Werewolf
soulgame It reminds me of someone otherwise it wouldn't be that great
tranquilitea Animals is better
rmch I'm a Rush fan, I have a general aversion to 4/4 unless it's really good
soulgame Thought u might like it
rmch No it's pretty weird
scott van ?hello
rmch Heya
rmch How's it goin
rmch Any musicians here?
Essentials whats up
scott van i know a piece of spainese
Essentials only dj
scott van and listener
rmch Drummer/guitar here
Nandaluna heyyy room
rmch Heya green chat
onedayremains oh tranquilitea is still here
rmch Time for some rock n roll tranq
soulgame Tea has great taste in music
rmch She does for sure
tranquilitea why, thank you, guys.

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