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StephLC there's a lot of work involved in tuning a piano
Vashta_Nerada and doesn't sound over the drums
StephLC does the piano live on stage vash?
StephLC they need to mic it
StephLC to hear it
StephLC it's like playing an acoustic instrument with plugged in electric instruments
StephLC not gonna hear it to good
Vashta_Nerada it's in the studio
Vashta_Nerada we don't use it
StephLC the bass is out of tune in this song
Vashta_Nerada but still i have to stand in the doorway
Vashta_Nerada as people pass by to get beer
StephLC the studio i use has a PA system in it
StephLC and a room for using their fancy equipment
Vashta_Nerada we have a PA too
StephLC but i wouldn't touch it
StephLC i bought my own PA last month
Vashta_Nerada i'm talking about the jam studio
Filthy McNasty i dont have to worry about playing over drummers in my music room
StephLC my house is my jam studio
StephLC but i use another studio downtown too
Vashta_Nerada so is brians
StephLC if i want to play late and loud
StephLC you have it sound proofed FM?
Vashta_Nerada it would be nice to stand in the studio and not have to move so people can get beer
StephLC i'm not soundproof at all here
StephLC it's all hardwoods and a 100yo house
Vashta_Nerada we can go all night, no problem, for some reason
Filthy McNasty nah, i just dont have a drummer to jam with so if i want drums i play them myself seperate
Vashta_Nerada playing with a drummer is the best
StephLC damn i thought today was tuesday and i was all excited about practice
StephLC ima plug everything in tonight and do a 2 person sesh
Vashta_Nerada open mic tues, no drummer
Vashta_Nerada we can compare notes as always
StephLC tuesday night at the freeman where i play is "the funky knuckles"
StephLC each night is a different theme
StephLC my roomie lives at that bar
StephLC /restaurant
StephLC he's also thrown a giant fit in there
Vashta_Nerada the freeman is the club for the open mic?
StephLC ya vash
Vashta_Nerada tuesday huh
StephLC it's not open mic it's "jam sessions"
StephLC every night
StephLC in dallas there is a jam session
Vashta_Nerada open jam sessions
StephLC somewhere
StephLC open jam sessions
Filthy McNasty here we have a restaurant that has live music on the weekends, but it seems like the only bands that play there are the ones that have the guy from the local music store
StephLC you can practice everyday on stage if you wanted
Filthy McNasty i hate that dude haha
StephLC damn FM
StephLC you should make a jam FM
Vashta_Nerada you're living the dream steph
StephLC meet some more musicians
StephLC yes vash i am
StephLC cause all we have is time
StephLC and ima do what i love with it
Vashta_Nerada i gotta buy a cowboy hat
StephLC noone wears cowboy hats here btw
Filthy McNasty ive posted stuff on craigslist but arkansas hasnt discovered the internet yet, or how to use a telephone
StephLC it's more like NYC here than texas
Filthy McNasty they do here
StephLC hahaha FM
StephLC you need to get OUT of there
seacabbage People in Texas wear cowboy hats.
Filthy McNasty haha thats what my counselor says too
StephLC or at least make something happen there
StephLC i've been to arkansas a few times
StephLC hot springs and eureka springs
StephLC i like the ozark mountains
Filthy McNasty southern arkansas seems a little better to be honest
StephLC idk if i'd live there
StephLC but it was nice to visit
Filthy McNasty when i get my car paid off ill probably go back to indiana
StephLC it's hard for me to stay in any 1 spot for too long i get bored
StephLC my roomies rent is paying my car payment so i pay 2 car payments a month with it
StephLC my idea was to pay 3 car payments per month and get it done in a year
StephLC but i keep buying music equipment and traveling with the money
StephLC so i'll get it paid off in half the time
Filthy McNasty haha i know how that goes
StephLC my little trio band we've all dropped about 3500$ in the past 2 months
StephLC on equipment

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