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Eyona Tanner Anyone listen to Nine Inch Nails or Tool?
Franz Kafkateria let us move on to animals
Rusty Nail Enema What sort of animals
lazerbeak nine inch nails
lazerbeak and tool
Franz Kafkateria cuttlefish: y/very y?
lazerbeak are the shlttiest bands ever
lazerbeak to grace the face
lazerbeak of popular music
lazerbeak but heres a better question,
lazerbeak trent and maynard
Rusty Nail Enema
lazerbeak if they were
lazerbeak whos the bltch
lazerbeak and whos the butch
chaosreigns maynard's obviously the !$~#$
lazerbeak i say trents on top
Franz Kafkateria answer the question
Eyona Tanner Maynard is pretty feminine, i must admit
lazerbeak chaos unfortunately bltch and bltch have the same number of letters
lazerbeak so i really couldnt even try to distinguish what you just said.
chaosreigns likewise
Eyona Tanner Maynard is a fascinating person
lazerbeak wiat my leet ass curses were blurred?
lazerbeak maynard is a fascinating peg boy
chaosreigns maybe you should also aquaint yourself with wireclub censoring?
lazerbeak wait so, whenever i type bltch
lazerbeak you see &#&#^
lazerbeak you almost broke my mind
Franz Kafkateria i asked about cuttlefish
chaosreigns no... just Bltch
Franz Kafkateria this is getting off topic
chaosreigns i know... life altering
Eyona Tanner Maynard's voice is beautiful
lazerbeak what about cuttlefish?
lazerbeak arent they really cute?
Eyona Tanner deal with it
lazerbeak i think i saw a japanese guy eat them once
Franz Kafkateria they ARE really cute
lazerbeak and also, fermented eggs
lazerbeak and the worlds hottest peppers
lazerbeak fermented fix eggs
Franz Kafkateria i can't imagine what a cuttlefish would taste like
Franz Kafkateria probably that shit that dildos are made out of
Teeth McQueen milfs milk!
Rusty Nail Enema Cuttlefish are octopi..
Teeth McQueen milf blood!
Rusty Nail Enema Probably pretty briny
Rusty Nail Enema and kind of rubbery
Franz Kafkateria no, octopi are octopi
Teeth McQueen soup hands!
Franz Kafkateria cuttlefish are cuttlefish
Franz Kafkateria oh, please be soup hands
Franz Kafkateria at least for a little while
Teeth McQueen miiiiiiiiiiiiiilf blood to keep from running out
Franz Kafkateria anyway, briny and rubbery accurately describes most dildos, so ...
lazerbeak oderus urungus' **%^@ was named the cuttlefish of kthulu
lazerbeak and was once kidnapped and put on trial.
lazerbeak ill take that african boombata, in extra briny please.
lazerbeak if you could travel to the late 70s
Rusty Nail Enema Why does a dildo
Rusty Nail Enema taste briny
lazerbeak and either hang out with neil young, or dennis hopper
lazerbeak who would you pick
Franz Kafkateria use your imagination
Rusty Nail Enema Who had the most cocaine
Franz Kafkateria uh, neil young, no contest
chaosreigns neil young
Rusty Nail Enema Then Hopper it is
Franz Kafkateria who even cares about dennis hopper
chaosreigns hopper just looked stoned to dullness in the Apocalypse Now docu
lazerbeak how dare you
chaosreigns Hopper was amusing... but he'd soon get boring judging by the interviews

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