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Danuta whothe hell is luna?
TripetalApe i already played that one dann
Danuta ooo i didnt notice sorry
dannoden I dont believe you
dannoden jarheads dont listen to good music
Danuta why would i lie
dannoden not you......TA
TripetalApe toooo late dan...~^#@&
Danuta < hides in her corner
TripetalApe play a crp song, dann
dannoden hello danuta....nice to meet you
dannoden how crappy do you want it to be?
Danuta nice to meet youtoo guys
TripetalApe i wrecked a 53, that's danns favorite
dannoden is this one crappy enough for you?
TripetalApe damn good sir
Danuta eventually she is pretty
TripetalApe beyond her, if you know marines
dannoden danuta is a classic rock fan then?
Danuta when i am waking up in the morning
dannoden are you truly 81?
Danuta ohits 1 pm .. long waking for me today
Danuta do i look like?
Danuta thanks
dannoden no....I'd say 50's
Danuta close
dannoden but Im still 25 in my heart
Danuta nice tune
dannoden are in poland, which isnt that far from Sweden.....are you familiar with the Swedish group The Knife?
TripetalApe I !^%@ing hate you humans
TripetalApe lick my cock
dannoden a bit drunk this morning are you TA?
TripetalApe you' re Fg
TripetalApe #*%@ you, be a man
Danuta i think i know only heartbeats
Danuta and i saw it in here few days ago
TripetalApe I hunted an died
TripetalApe *$^$ you
dannoden that is exactly why I asked......I'll play a cover version of Heartbeats...tell me what you think danuta
TripetalApe you are a @^^
TripetalApe not you, dann
TripetalApe I know you
Danuta buoh dann will be nice
Danuta you swedish dann?
TripetalApe not the same, dann'
TripetalApe the PTSD got me
Danuta lol sorry for hacing your country occupied loool
Danuta having
dannoden I know TA....hang bro....jarheads arent quitters
Danuta am i a jarhead? just would like to know
TripetalApe it's ugly
dannoden a jarhead is american slang for Marine
dannoden soldier
TripetalApe I wanna kill these prickes
Danuta sounds nice .. but wasnt the original version a bit more vivid
dannoden yes.....she nice it up...but its a pretty version I think
TripetalApe hoorrrrrrrrrha
Danuta yes touching
TripetalApe good and eep, dann
dannoden the original video by The Knife used more electronic beats, and the video showed some kids skateboarding down a hill
Danuta exactly.. i dont remember well .. but somethign ran a bell it was more pop/electric
TripetalApe I'm gonn KILL THESE #$@GOTS
Danuta triple .. kill some ants instead.. always helps lol
dannoden who the hell are you going on about TA?
TripetalApe derilect , dann
dannoden that tells me nothing bro
TripetalApe it tells you everything
dannoden not when I just woke up it hasnt kicked in yet....still a bit muzzy
TripetalApe you sucked up a 53, daqnnn
dannoden sorry lost me there
TripetalApe dick head
dannoden indeed
TripetalApe you deckheads have noting to do

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