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loveofheart anyone alive and up for some fun
MizzUnderstoodx hello, back
TRANSPORTER_ here comes the movie
MizzUnderstoodx Does your choice of username give any insight as to your taste in movies?
MizzUnderstoodx What kind of genres do you enjoy?
TRANSPORTER_ i mean such movies action in general
TRANSPORTER_ how about u
MizzUnderstoodx I like post-apocalyptic type, thrillers. I love Tarantino movies - the darker and more the violent the better but with a touch of humour.
MizzUnderstoodx My favourite movie and novel is Fight Club. You?
TRANSPORTER_ i like the realstic stuff ,
TRANSPORTER_ have u watched any intersting movie lately ?
MizzUnderstoodx The latest movie I watched was recommended to me. It was a Korean thriller called 'Sympathy for Lady Vengeance'. You?
TRANSPORTER_ havent heard of that ,,last movie mhmm let me remember
TRANSPORTER_ expendables 3 , transcendence and 300rise of ampire
MizzUnderstoodx How was Transcendence? That was the one with Johnny Depp, right?
TRANSPORTER_ i watched coz it was johnny depp
TRANSPORTER_ scfi stuff
MizzUnderstoodx Any good? I hear the concept was that he downloaded his consciousness into a computer and became like a god or something?
TRANSPORTER_ he died but before they upload his brain data to computer ,

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