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volatile Deadly women or snapped sometimes
LatinX hi phil
philintheblank deadly women is a show on i'd?
volatile Investigation discovery
philintheblank it's mostly murder stuff?
volatile auto correct is a bummer
volatile Yeah but they have some kidnappings or hostage type stuff
Mallice i love tht show
Mallice that *
volatile Mostly the degradation of society
Mallice wicked attraction
LatinX do we really need that on tv? Don't we have enough in every day life?
Mallice but ive seen them all so many times , its redundant to even watch anymore , i miss the old days when
Mallice it was called court tv
volatile Yeah how can you not know your husband or wife is a serial killer
LatinX You can't
philintheblank mal's husband still doesn't know
volatile Yeah I didn't watch it back then I guess I kinda grew into it
LatinX Until you catch them killing some one
Mallice i grew up on that stuff
Mallice documentarys of anytype
Mallice really
volatile I thought map was a dude
philintheblank one more time
philintheblank there you go
volatile Fvckin auto correct
LatinX turn it off
volatile Yeah but I need it I'm a horrible speller
Mallice you cute though
Mallice so its cool
volatile Aww thanks ( blush)
Mallice welcome
LatinX Volatile you look good for 113
volatile Well I take vitamins
volatile And I stay inside
LatinX and say your prayers?
philintheblank list all of the vitamins you take
volatile Yes I do pray but not like most
volatile Wouldnt knowhere to start with the vitamins W
volatile Multivitamins I take
volatile Sound like Yoda I do
Mallice sunscreen
Mallice is key
volatile Lol sh1ti hate that
LatinX use the force
volatile Wish I could but the force is not strong in this one
Mallice i find your lack of faith
Mallice disturbing
volatile I just have a typing impediment
LatinX This are not the vitamins you are looking for
volatile Damn I thought I dropped one
volatile Thought the cat got it
philintheblank maybe someone should say something
LatinX Like what
philintheblank a movie you like
LatinX 12 Monkeys
Mallice 12 monkeys reminds me
Mallice of wireclub
philintheblank terry gilliam is coming out with a new one soon
LatinX I though he died?
Mallice is how
Mallice i mean come on
philintheblank gilliam rather
philintheblank i said gilliam
volatile OK gotta go study good night my 4 little monkey friends
philintheblank what movie are you most looking forward to seeing?
LatinX X men days

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