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PIANO KID how r u
desert shore isn't piano kid some old timey slang
PIANO KID why do u say that
PIANO KID thats rude
desert shore cause i think it is
PIANO KID no i am not
desert shore what? lol
PIANO KID i am not a perv if u think i am
PIANO KID how do i know your not
desert shore what r u talking about
chocolate8 😖😖😖
alma_bh anybody seen the amateur movie the coming?
desert shore whats it about
PIANO KID is it good
alma_bh well, alien abduction but really interesting story
desert shore oh i like that kind of stuff lol
alma_bh it's on YT free
desert shore one of the first reported alien abductions
alma_bh this movie is fictional story
desert shore yes i assumed. i watched the trailer. lol
desert shore *tumbleweed rolls by*

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