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southern77 does he ever stop*
southern77 the hunk that is
silkyangel1 He's still writing on my wall
silkyangel1 Let me look
sandy_goode what wall
silkyangel1 On my profile sandy
southern77 hunk and silky sitting in a tree....
southern77 I wonder if I should leave a special message on sliky's wall
southern77 see if I can get hunk a lil riled up
silkyangel1 U stop it
sandy_goode Wow silky
southern77 is that a no...?
sandy_goode he is obsessed isn't he
southern77 just a lil
silkyangel1 He is a good friend though
silkyangel1 Just need a little distance right now
sandy_goode Well got to find something to do
silkyangel1 Ughhh I'm going to throw my phone
sandy_goode I guess I'll go room hopping
sandy_goode why silky
sandy_goode u sound like me
silkyangel1 Its not being nice to me
sandy_goode stupid phone
silkyangel1 With everyone using tabs or phone, its making things slow
silkyangel1 We've already gone over our dara usage
silkyangel1 So even slower
sandy_goode oh that's too bad
silkyangel1 It is and I tried to up my plan, but they cant
silkyangel1 When the kids go to bed, it will be faster
silkyangel1 So how was ur day?
sandy_goode It was busy
sandy_goode how was yours
silkyangel1 Sorry sandy, I'm lagging bad
silkyangel1 I have to put my son to bed now
silkyangel1 Back in a bit
sandy_goode It's cool
silkyangel1 Hi sandy

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