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elizabeth_crown7711 i love pewdiepie lol
elizabeth_crown7711 im doing the same thing lol
Rachel_ (*@ο@*)~
Vincent_K are u watching
Vincent_K the walking dead episode 4
elizabeth_crown7711 i love the walking dead and the game
Rachel_ I like it
Vincent_K hows your day
elizabeth_crown7711 good and urs ?
Vincent_K it could be better
Vincent_K hi ariana
Vincent_K welcome
Vincent_K so are u coming for friends or just wandering rooms? elizabeth
elizabeth_crown7711 umh idk friends
elizabeth_crown7711 i guess and you ?
Vincent_K same here
Vincent_K so summer break?
elizabeth_crown7711 and whats wrong what could make it better ?
Vincent_K relationship
Vincent_K my summer break is fine
elizabeth_crown7711 oh yeah that can make this realy bad
Vincent_K how about you, anything bothering
elizabeth_crown7711 no not really right now only my head is killing me
Vincent_K what about it??
elizabeth_crown7711 it just hurts thats all
Vincent_K perhaps
Vincent_K how long didnt u sleep
elizabeth_crown7711 umh not to good
elizabeth_crown7711 been working a lot and not slepping
Vincent_K you should go to bed ?
elizabeth_crown7711 but i just cant
elizabeth_crown7711 i already toke some
Vincent_K then lay down
elizabeth_crown7711 i am im in bed
Vincent_K deep breath
elizabeth_crown7711 is getting better
fiore_tesoro just stopping in to say hello
fiore_tesoro alrighty then
mountainbikeman Hey sprocket girl!
mountainbikeman First time I've even seen another mountain biker in a chat room

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