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taniclopz like stabbings and jacking cars and shizz...
taniclopz he has a woman???!
standproud12 go to the hutt tonic lool
TwoStoned true dat tan
taniclopz wolfie has a woman? you're sureee??
standproud12 yes wolf has a women she lovely
Bit harsh whos wolfie?
taniclopz lol omg wolffiiee the little perv as a chica now.. adorbs
standproud12 i skyped them last niteyes
standproud12 ask johnster or starlena
taniclopz nnaawwww I haven't kept in contact with anyone.
Bit harsh Auckland uni?
taniclopz I haven't been on skype in soo long
varma1251 hi any 1 for date with indian guy
taniclopz I still need to bomb Razzas pm lol
standproud12 lol i only skype lynn no one else
taniclopz was my fav thing to do... Pro ninja!
taniclopz yeah harsh
taniclopz where out west were you from? I grew up in new lynn
standproud12 chathour is like chatonic its done
Bit harsh Avondale
Bit harsh da $%^$ brah
taniclopz avondale? lool close as **!~!
TwoStoned i used to live in new lynn tan
Bit harsh you went to kelston girls i assume?
taniclopz you did stoned?
taniclopz nooo avondale college
standproud12 stoned u might be my 2 nd cousin lool
taniclopz you went to avondale too?
TwoStoned n i live in mt albert too
standproud12 i have 5 in nz lool
taniclopz stoned you live in south auckland now.. lol
Bit harsh i went to avondale college for like
Bit harsh 3 weeks
TwoStoned nah stand
Bit harsh then i went to Lynfield
taniclopz lol stand
TwoStoned used too tan now no more
taniclopz that's basically a whole suburb stand
standproud12 tonic i keeel u lol
taniclopz lynfield?? hmm
taniclopz did you know a girl named asotasi?
taniclopz oh guttz lol
Bit harsh i started going to college a lot earlier than most kids
standproud12 i mis re re to
taniclopz she used to go intermediate with me.. that's pretty the only person I knew from lynfield
Bit harsh i was 12
Bit harsh when i went to college
Bit harsh and i skipped year 10
Bit harsh went straight to form 5
taniclopz re re??? I don't know that one stand
taniclopz Mt albert is asian central stoned hahaha
standproud12 lol aymos has gone awol
taniclopz really? you clever beaver yyoouuu
TwoStoned i grew up wit a maori family im the only latino in the family tan
taniclopz aymos and harley still together?
Bit harsh who was your dean?
standproud12 tht was her moari name
Bit harsh in year 9
taniclopz those two were hilarious
ladyfatima_wilson hello i am looking for a new slave to train
standproud12 hmm kinda tonic long story
taniclopz frickn can't remember my dean.. was a moari man with grey ponytail
standproud12 the pic she used in chathour was her cousin
Bit harsh #~#* him

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