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eaglefeathers All my friends want their cars fixed
gustavo_1eon When it rains i open my curtain and window so i can hear and see the rain pour down.
seridra any latin girl?
eaglefeathers Sunny San Diego beaches and palm trees
gustavo_1eon idk why but i find the rain relaxing
oliver_twists_27 Any ladies in Ohio?
lippygirl Joosh thanks for the friend request... Try a cougar site ffs
tjohnb6381 more than likely there is
natas1317 I need a wife
KingOfBored Man you all suck. That is all.
eaglefeathers I was working for Napa auto parts and this guy comes in and says
lippygirl Tjohn I'd say loads of ladies in Ohio
tjohnb6381 yea u would think lol
eaglefeathers My name is palmer I ordered some hose
oliver_twists_27 I need somebody else wife....all of the fun. None of the spending and emotions.
natas1317 And that's comin from natas
gustavo_1eon A Wife that can cook and clean is a wife to keep
lippygirl Stay with your mum then ffs
eaglefeathers Another guy say that's the first time I ever paid for a nut and screw
gustavo_1eon @eagle did you laugh?
eaglefeathers Stay in with mom is fine for now
gustavo_1eon or did u look at them with that Really? face expression
natas1317 Any women want me?
tjohnb6381 graduate high school next year?
eaglefeathers Everyone knows I popped a cop in the mouth
natas1317 I'll send a pic..
ambercaoambercao49 where are the cutieeeeeeeeeee
lippygirl No Nata try the gayvroom
natas1317 Right here..message me
eaglefeathers I busted a cop in his lip
oliver_twists_27 Anybody alive in here?
gustavo_1eon Amber there are no cutieees here
tjohnb6381 on a video game right?
natas1317 I am super sexxy so sexxy in fact that it's spelled sexxy not sexy beat that
lippygirl Eagle had oral sex with a cop? Wtf lol
eaglefeathers No it wasn't a game
gustavo_1eon He be Playing GTA
eaglefeathers Yeah GTA dude the video game
natas1317 Join me
natas1317 Follow me
natas1317 Serve me
natas1317 I am natas
tjohnb6381 block u
natas1317 Oh well
lippygirl Lolmjohn good idea
eaglefeathers A female cop said if I gave her my pole she's let me go
gustavo_1eon GTA is the shiz when you bored just like this site
natas1317 You're envious
oliver_twists_27 I had a cute girl a few months ago. Till I found out she was married. Sigh
natas1317 Of my power
eaglefeathers A cop grabbed my balls I busted his lip
natas1317 I am the great 17
eaglefeathers They gave me 2 years
gustavo_1eon you should of gave her the D
natas1317 You probably liked it
kieranpeta Ur full of shit
gustavo_1eon I mean you get let go and Get Some at the same time its a win win situations
natas1317 He is a liar
lippygirl Christ the fantasies in here make me laugh
natas1317 Believe me, for I am the truth.
oliver_twists_27 I love to draw ( . )( .) But ONLY when they are staring at my eyes.

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