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kaptivating what soul
SoulGood ur name..
Criuth Unless it's water cannon
SoulGood im dutch. I'm sorry
Criuth Even beanbag and baton rounds are semi lethal
kaptivating my initials are map, i turned it into.....
D33P lol beanbag rounds
rxdoughboy I'll fire upon anyone I damn well please
D33P boom
Criuth Kaptivating I will take a map of your body
SoulGood thats with a C right?
SoulGood capitals
D33P I mean getting shot with a beanbag round is better than getting tasered
rxdoughboy being tasered can be an orgasmic experience
SoulGood criuth u wanna have my navigation?
D33P you must mean a stun gun
SoulGood get one.. rxd
rxdoughboy that's not what I mean at all
D33P you get tasered with an X26 taser...you won't be feeling any kind of joy
SoulGood n aim it on ur balls!
rxdoughboy that sucks
Criuth Teasers are not fun
SoulGood teaserbagging
Criuth They can cause heart attacks in people with pre-existing conditions
SoulGood formerly knows as; teabagging
rxdoughboy anybody here from america tonight?
Criuth Tear gas is definitely nonlethal but not exactly fun either
SoulGood its earth alright
Criuth Tear gas = having flu in 5 seconds
SoulGood where do u hide all ur pics Kap?
D33P loool
SoulGood let me in
rxdoughboy what I really think is that Rick would be so $@@%in high, when he was doing a lot of these things, that when he would catch these beatdowns, he probably don't even remember gettin em
SoulGood thats better..
SoulGood kap...
Criuth Lol soul is persistent
Criuth You know what they say
SoulGood i have no mission here.

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