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Jessica__Nicole aww that's so mean. lol
stepinside2012 it only has to work once
yummy_peaches Shawn I mean
stepinside2012 better than is your name wifi cause i'm really feeling a connection
ride153 wtf are u guys going on about lol
MyNameIsLegion Bahahahahaha
yummy_peaches They just blabbin
wdrush1 peaches see what that guy asked me to say to you
Jessica__Nicole stepinside you need some new pick up lines. lol
alexcheathamsmith Jessica what you doing
ride153 terrible
iliketocount @stepinside2012 That wouldn't always work because they could reply "it sure is...you were just dropped"
wdrush1 F@#$ him
Jessica__Nicole just chatting.
stepinside2012 let me guess yummy your middle name is picante because you so hott
yummy_peaches Shhh rush
yummy_peaches When did u sneak in here
stepinside2012 i never seem to leave
Ash_666 Jessica...my name is pogo...wanna hop on my stick?
Ash_666 how was that for a pick up line?
stepinside2012 i leave the room at my house but i don't sem to ever log out
Jessica__Nicole bahahahaha! that's better than the wifi line. lol
yummy_peaches Ugh I feel like
MyNameIsLegion <----Santa wanna suck my candy cane
yummy_peaches Lol Shawn
MyNameIsLegion If you don't then you're a Ho ho ho
thePervy1 who is a ho?
thePervy1 hi jools
Juliette the great Marccccccccccc
MyNameIsLegion Ummmm Michelle Obama?
Juliette the great Hi there Alex
Juliette the great Not a lot ... Sup with you ?
Juliette the great Gradyyyyyyyyyyy !!!
Looking4Love247 I'm new here anyone from Edmonton
grady037 Joolzyyyyyy
alexcheathamsmith Nothing much either

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