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Salty Malty real food?
vale_tudo yes, real food
Salty Malty wheres the jetlol
vale_tudo whatever u want
Salty Malty i want nandos
vale_tudo in the hanger
vale_tudo nandos?
Salty Malty grilled peri peri chicken
Bliss Teabag She'll do whatever you want if you give her some bread crust
LindaLou32 Hey 32/f from nc any guys want to chat
Salty Malty im calling em up to order now
diamonddavereo MGM grand best food in Vegas
vale_tudo many time
turks2848 i love et
diamonddavereo Nice u live here I bet
jessica181 hello all
Bliss Teabag E.T was boss
taz31463 Hi room
diamonddavereo Finger boss
diamonddavereo Taz what up?
taz31463 Not much. Working
Bliss Teabag Finger bang boss
diamonddavereo Oh it's not bad if u make good bread
diamonddavereo You with me?
anitah12 Bbm pin 2A0DB46B. 24-f-uk
diamonddavereo I like this room
mhtling Hi everyone how are u
turks2848 sea i still have nt gone an got smokes
turks2848 the bottom oF lung hurts a bit but i can handle et
diamonddavereo Smoke um if you got um!
vale_tudo im smokin a taste ecig
vale_tudo its green apple oil
turks2848 mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
diamonddavereo Greeeeeenn
anitah12 24, Female, uk. BBM pin 2A0DB46B

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