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lindsayjames123 What does your face look like?
jam147 It's a mess lol
Dr Snow a lot of uk people up in here tonight
Christines fury Eyes nose mouth trololo
fancy king Super cute face ive got
turks2848 mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
GamesMessiah later Room
Dr Snow later dude
SSSTING laterz dude
lindsayjames123 The other night I was here and there were only Chinese ppl and a weirdo from my city... Awkward
fancy king ok later braid
Dr Snow saw some dude from my town a few days ago. which is crazy
Christines fury I've been here fir 20 minuts and still don't have a girlfrind this app is broken
Dr Snow since my town is small af
rayhatfield22 anyone sinlge in here women and girls 19 to 24
Dr Snow and this is like an international site
jam147 Lindsay you don't need to change your pic your hot
SSSTING hmmm... the odds
Dr Snow lmao fury
lindsayjames123 Aw! But it's you're
awesome_danielle hey if anyone wants to talk to a cool chick just hit me up!
lorena_lozano_g15 Hi everyone im lory.
lindsayjames123 Danielle, do you know oprah?
Dr Snow hi lory
Senpai7 awesome like spanks and stuff?
Dr Snow lol. this reminds me of finding nemo
taralynne91183 damn.. mitchel3120 is a hawtie
Dr Snow when every goes hiiii, and then the persons name
SSSTING stop perving around tara lol
taralynne91183 lol im allowed to perv
Christines fury * forever alone face*
jam147 Follow that
Christines fury * troll face
turks2848 well im gonner Crash
lindsayjames123 Jam wanna be my bf?
love_megan2366 new to here.
Dr Snow welcome to the snowfort megs
Christines fury Me gusta face
lindsayjames123 Ok. I'm pregnant

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