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grosseri1 i wanna see your unit
jasontinnian you should apologize
redace137 oh you do
redace137 then hit me up
redace137 private
jasontinnian is that what your calling it
redace137 yup lol
redace137 its my unit
jasontinnian ok then now that that's outta the way
jasontinnian what did everyone drink the kool aid all of a sudden???
jasontinnian this thing just turned into jonestown
darrenmalllard i dont get the kool aid reference ,thatsa drink right ?
darrenmalllard is it alcoholic ?
jasontinnian grosseri he's waiting to show you his "unit"
Heliumss im here im just observing lol.
grosseri1 hahahhahahhahhhahahahhahaha
jasontinnian refrence to a cult from the 70s
redace137 holy shit
redace137 whats so funny lol
darrenmalllard o right ,70s ,i wasnt evne born
darrenmalllard letalone heard of a kool aid
jasontinnian kool aid is a childhood staple darren
Heliumss yeah thanks for announcing that idiot.
jasontinnian in America that is
Heliumss Hello, blind. hru???
Heliumss yeah we get it.
jasontinnian who you calling "idiot" helium??
Heliumss Not you.
blindedtruthseeker I'm trying to keep up
Heliumss I was calling turks idiot.
bond24jarrad how are you
grosseri1 anybody wanna private chat
jasontinnian I get a complex easil;y helium I'm sensitive
Heliumss listen to this.
Heliumss grow a pair jason
blindedtruthseeker I'm using a crapty phone
UK_mystery how big is ur yours Heliumss
jasontinnian i'm good I'm screwing off at work at the moment
EstherSky Friend ❤️
Heliumss want to see ??
jasontinnian oh I got a pair heliums
Heliumss too bad idiot.
UK_mystery why ask
UK_mystery if i can't see

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