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pavopavopav jahzah: if I had sand nearby, I would.
RorschachTM I live in australia
pavopavopav I run six miles or so every other day
PresqueVu Fine, wear shoes, if you must.
RaylW see pres i knew you would join in on the beach
RorschachTM I got beach coming out of my ass
Mr Danny Boy i got sand from building sites
pavopavopav Presque: not if I have sand.
Mr Danny Boy does that count
jahzah wearing shoes is not our natural state
RaylW anyways pres if you ever take a walk with me i'll make you a necklace and then we can construct a sand castle together
RorschachTM Anyone wanna recommend me a good porn site??
PresqueVu Bloody hell.
pavopavopav I was harrassed for making a sand castle by the cops.
PresqueVu You're making me never want to go to a beach again. Enough.
pavopavopav harassed
flowerchildd thats so romantic!!
RaylW lmao
PresqueVu Kidding : )
RaylW yes let the happiness sink in pres
Scooter hey all
RorschachTM Jahzah I dare you to walk around bare feet for just one day
jahzah I will throw you in a rock pool
PresqueVu I think you've smoked or snorted happiness.
RorschachTM Most people can't handle barefeet
PresqueVu I can't walk barefoot around the house.
jahzah i do rorsch cause i do
RorschachTM Bindi grass... Rocks... Glass... Debris
Mr Danny Boy yeah all those stones and shizzle
RaylW we can all find happiness without pills pres!
RaylW its all inside the environment
pavopavopav Presque: why not?
PresqueVu I'm glad to hear this outlook of yours, Ray.
PresqueVu Because I haz sensitive skin
RorschachTM Someone gimme some pornsite
RorschachTM I need a wabk
RaylW well this is why there is a thing called hands and special lotion that will protect you
RaylW i'll make sure to rub you down before we go
PresqueVu hands?What are those?
jahzah maybe you just need a reason to fly PresQ
pavopavopav hopping out to work for a bit
PresqueVu Is this risen middle finger towards you on such a thing called hand?
RaylW special tools given to us by the creator to take care of certain people
RaylW well we just met
PresqueVu Speaking of tools...
ngiven someone message me
RaylW or else i would say that is fine
PresqueVu Hi guys.
jahzah hi room
jahzah someone msg ngiven for fk sake
PresqueVu Hahaha lotion comments garner PMs.
PresqueVu Duly noted.
singlemom2004 28 f ohio
RaylW could you imagine a beautiful sunset with me pres as the beach is slowly coming to a wonderful end and now the stars!
jahzah hello
singlemom2004 single and looking for long term
flowerchildd dont forget the tide coming in!
RaylW hi 22 m sc single dad!

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