Dating Chat Room

vale_tudo preferably topless
vale_tudo lmao jk
yummy_peaches U bring me ice,cream foo
Bellaamore1 Did you say yes, Rando
pdogz80 top deck
Zidgy ice cream NOW
Random5 i respectfully declined lol
ezraelliot No Ice cream. i'll have flashbacks
Bellaamore1 why not get your dik wett
mopar426 peaches add me so i can see
Random5 i hate dating and sex . if i am going to go threw the effort the young lady must really tickle my fancey
Bellaamore1 Awww Ezra
Bellaamore1 You are too young to hate sex
pdogz80 might do breakfast on the deck
turks2848 4 more pays to XMASS
Random5 i am a germaphobe lol
ezraelliot I don't hate it Bella. I hate ice cream lol
Bellaamore1 hahahah oh, Ezra
Bellaamore1 I was talkin to Rando
Bellaamore1 Rando, ffs you aren't gonna get ebola
pdogz80 thnx 4 the reminder
Random5 sex is not sanitary
Bellaamore1 That is crazy talk
mopar426 my hand is
mopar426 when i wash it
vale_tudo wheres my ice creammmmmm
Random5 after sex my wee wee itches from fear of std
vale_tudo ive never had sex
wdrush1 Mopar 72 challenger
Bellaamore1 gave the Ice Cream badge to vale_tudo
mopar426 bella's mouth is full
Bellaamore1 der it is
vale_tudo thanks darling
Zidgy sax sex
pdogz80 too long ha
Bellaamore1 Van, you are walking on eggshells
mopar426 or 318
vale_tudo i walk on legos
Zidgy clarinet sex
mopar426 bigblock
Bellaamore1 vrrrroom
vale_tudo i didn't choose the thug life, the thug life chose me
mopar426 bella i missed u
Random5 i once slept with a girl from wireclub . she had the right appeal . her husband did not approve
vale_tudo i've been thugged out since cub scouts
mopar426 4 reals
Zidgy piccolo sex
wdrush1 72 challenger crashed it racing someone he pulled right out in front of me
mopar426 727 slapstick
Bellaamore1 I know 4 reals
Zidgy ♪♫♪♪♫♫
ezraelliot I took this woman home once. She was beautiful and then she took her pants down. She has a pee pee
Random5 my women get turned off by my anime figure collection
mopar426 looks at bella
hiimlucas1234 Hey I'm new to this who's around I guess??

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