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K_La then a guy come along and you're like okay...
Gangsta Kenny K_La showed me that list. I was in the top 5.
K_La i'll give it a whirl
K_La haha
Trinity_L thanks Kenny, I try
Dovahkiin are you guys talking about gum?
micho3 dont just stare at it, eat it! name that movie
Trinity_L no, Dov..we're talking about semen
Dovahkiin dont swollow gum ffs
BananaKingdom imma go watch a gameplay...
K_La i don't think i know that one micho..
K_La lol
BananaKingdom have fun talking about semen -___-
micho3 american psycho
Trinity_L thanks, we will
ikkirbot American psycho
Dovahkiin but in all seriousness dont swollow gum
K_La awe i should have known it
K_La haha
ikkirbot Argh, you didn't give me a chance! Lol
boofhead41 y not trin
micho3 dont swallow gum, swallow semen
Gangsta Kenny if you know what you're doing, you can seduce a woman to do what you want.
Trinity_L why not what,, Boof?
Gangsta Kenny or so i hear.
micho3 you cant if it, just do it
K_La i skipped the whole seduction thing i think
micho3 all else follows
Dovahkiin banana, we can have a non semen themed chat about other things you shouldnt swollow if you want, like thumbtacks
micho3 if not find another who swallows
K_La it usually only starts with a "you wanna"
boofhead41 talk about seman they work for the navy
K_La next thing you know..
K_La haha
Gangsta Kenny K_La, you need to get swept off your feet and seduced and stuff
Gangsta Kenny lol @ you wanna
Trinity_L lol Boof... we having the spitters are quitters discussion
Gangsta Kenny you'll be in love one day
Gangsta Kenny okay. i gotta go. later all
K_La bye kenny
Trinity_L later, Kenny
micho3 all this talk makes me want to go gung whore
boofhead41 and what is the majoraty
K_La today the majority seems to be spitters.
K_La which is unusual
K_La for here
Trinity_L Apparently...
micho3 we lucked out today
Trinity_L I'm in the minority and I'm gross
InsertScreenNameHere damn i should be paying attention and taking notes.
K_La me to trin ^5
InsertScreenNameHere do i have to scroll to see who is?
InsertScreenNameHere ah hah... nvm.
Trinity_L Yes, you should be
boofhead41 are u aquiter
Trinity_L me? PHUCK NO
boofhead41 or a swollower
Trinity_L I swallow..and clean up
micho3 dont be a quitter we need you
K_La i had a gf who used to only give head with condoms...
K_La weird huh?
K_La haha
K_La plus she was kind of ^!#%ty..
K_La which was even weirder
K_La haha
Trinity_L huh ... condoms taste bad >.<
micho3 tell her to close her eyes shell never know
stonedjuxtapose That's... psychotic

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