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jkhjkh sup sup
robertdeffenbaugh I was too late and it was sold out so I couldn't go to senior prom and the worst part is my girlfriend went alone
MrBiggStuff lariza. You should model. I have a camera and studio set up in my bedroom, what do you say
shuhdi2004 hello lady
MrBiggStuff justmeyall- Nice fake picture. I am sure a lot of lonely men wack off to it thinking it is really you
maxperecife someone from calgary?
larizalovesr Haha, I think I pass... I'm not good for that
MrBiggStuff hello Celine
browneyedgirlteresa lol mr bigg calling her out
justmeyall7 You're a prick. Fyi
celinafine Hi.. And it's Celina
browneyedgirlteresa its so obvious when theres only one pic too
MrBiggStuff Lariz- You don't trust my photography skills? I have a really good camera. Its disposal and water resistant. Got it at CVS
shuhdi2004 hi Celina
jisc28 Hi Celina , how you doing?
robertdeffenbaugh I had a girlfriend in middle school she asked me out in lunch period
celinafine Good, you?
jisc28 a little bored
MG_Vargas Was that the last time?
MrBiggStuff Justmeyall- That is a *#$%ing modeling shot.. Not woman that does any modeling is going to come onto a dating chatroom. Grow some balls and grow up
Codybear1011 Hello room
jisc28 i send you a private message Celine , you dindt answer
MG_Vargas Must be thinking on it
BowtieTuxedo Bigg - big talk from a man who demands private camera sessions in his bedroom
Codybear1011 Let me try again
MrBiggStuff Bowtie- Quit trying to ruin my game you cock block!
jisc28 Celine??
Codybear1011 Hello room?
celinafine It's Celina!!
MG_Vargas Cody, we saw u. U need a shirt
jisc28 sorry Celina!
robertdeffenbaugh I remember when I was ten or eleven I had a fake wedding with this girl I like
MrBiggStuff I remember the guy who cock blocked me in the fifth grade. I havent talked to him since
jisc28 why you dont answer private messages Celina?
celinafine Do you need to tell me a secret?
jisc28 yea i do Celina
robertdeffenbaugh My first girl friend was in Kindergarten
MG_Vargas Shirtless jacket weather must be confusing to assess
bclaw Hi celina!
MrBiggStuff jisc- Maybe Celina does not accept private messages from strangers she does not know..
Waiikato Wonder Oh goody a secret lets hear it lol
celinafine Hello claw
celinafine he's right jisc
MrBiggStuff My first girlfriend was in preschool. She was dating both myself and my best friend at the time. We used to fight who got to sit next to her at storytime
robertdeffenbaugh Celina can you diaper me?
maple_head ahah i will rob

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