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Leah Tortilla its not biggie
Alexisonfire1 Get your shovel ready
jip72672 clicking.
wdrush1 I did get in trouble for that.though
jip72672 me and leah aren't friends?
Leah Tortilla lol jip..really?
jip72672 hahaha i promise it wasn't to just see cleavage shots ROFL
Leah Tortilla sure sure
vale_tudo speak for yourself jip
Leah Tortilla you would be disappointed anyway
jip72672 that answer has a percentage attached to it
vale_tudo im all about the cleavage shots
Leah Tortilla im a classy ho
jip72672 classy and ho totally go together
Forgetfulone what should i put in my work lunch
Alexisonfire1 Lol class wit ass
Hey_its_K damn those classy hos...making you pay more..
jip72672 i had a profile pic on fb years ago that sais $~#ing classy
Leah Tortilla there you go jip
Leah Tortilla its hiding in there somewhere
wdrush1 I got a hundred ticket for speeding to day I crumbled it and was gonna throw it on the ground .But I threw it on the floor
jip72672 LOL rush
jip72672 i've been there...
jip72672 its the worst in NY
jip72672 Actualy youre in philly... its bad there too
jip72672 good luck ... might wanna contact a lawyer
InsertScreenNameHere i need to keep typing now so it doesnt look like im really looking through her pics
Leah Tortilla just pay it..save yourself the headache
Leah Tortilla lmao screen
ezraelliot Leah!!!
Hey_its_K west philadelphia born and raised on the play ground is where i spent most of my daaays
Leah Tortilla my pics are not sexy
Leah Tortilla on purpose
wdrush1 I was doing 90on 95 I should have said it said 95 I thought that was mph
InsertScreenNameHere if that gets stuck in my head k....
ezraelliot This is the first time I've been in here and kristen and teresa are not here
jip72672 chillin out maxin all cool
InsertScreenNameHere and Leah: like you can stop that sexiness
Hey_its_K chilling out maxin, relaxing all cool, and shooting some b-ball outside of the school
InsertScreenNameHere she googled it.
Alexisonfire1 When a couple of guys
Leah Tortilla my smirk is not sexy
Hey_its_K when a couple of guys who were up to no good
Hey_its_K started making trouble in my neighbourhood
jip72672 i got it one little fight and mah mom got scared

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