Dallas Mavs Dallas Mavs

dart4605 I've only been once. I had free tickets for a preseason game.
dart4605 None of the stars played. *(
dart4605 The Chili's blimp was interesting though.
Heather_1227 I went for my 18th birthday and got JJ's autograph and met Ian Mahinmi after the game.
dart4605 Now that you mention it, I remember you telling us that story. Cool!
Heather_1227 Still have my jersey that JJ autographed
dart4605 I really admire how fearless he is.
dukefanjoey the mavs used to have a player named juju wang
dukefanjoey someone in the stands held up a sign that said we have a huge wang
dart4605 Do you mean Wang ZhiZhi?
dukefanjoey his name was juju wang
dukefanjoey 6 foot 8
dukefanjoey he played for them i guess about 10 years ago
dart4605 before my Mavs time, I guess
dukefanjoey maybe longer
Heather_1227 I'm so glad my two favorite players are on the same team now
dart4605 My son got me watching the Mavs something around ten years ago. Before that I hadn't watched the NBA since the '70s.
dukefanjoey did you watch the game the other night
dart4605 I saw part of the Spurs game.
dart4605 We only lost by 1 even though their team hasn't really changed and our had a lot of change
dukefanjoey they had 2 starters out
dukefanjoey and other players injured too
Heather_1227 Would've watched but you know homework had other plans
dart4605 Spurs have beaten us with 4 starters out.
dukefanjoey i saw the spurs beat the warriors on their homecourt with 4 starters out
dukefanjoey i dont know how they do it
dart4605 real life interfering with basketball. LOL.
dart4605 Their team is really good at their system. They also play hard.
dukefanjoey dallas had the last shot though
dukefanjoey they should have won
Heather_1227 Here lately it's been college > everything
dart4605 Sometimes the shot misses. It was a great game.
dukefanjoey college basketball starts in about 2 weeks
dukefanjoey i can't wait
dart4605 My kids are at TCU. The basketball team is terrible.
dukefanjoey great football team though
dukefanjoey i saw their game at baylor
dukefanjoey they were beating them
Heather_1227 I love my college but I need a break!
dart4605 The football team scored 82. The basketball team only scored that much once last season.
dart4605 A bit more pressure on the QB and they would have beaten Baylor, I think
dukefanjoey the 2 fans i hate most in the world are the bama fans and the kentucky fans
dart4605 November is almost here. Christmas break will be here soon.
Heather_1227 So much work and money for a piece of paper
dart4605 It is a really important piece of paper.
Heather_1227 Hopefully going to be a piece of paper that says its my BBA in Marketing from Midwestern State
dart4605 Good Luck.
Heather_1227 2 more years
Heather_1227 67 hours left
Heather_1227 jj!!!!!!!!!!
Heather_1227 Stupid soreness from flu shot is making it hard to do homework
dart4605 I hope you feel better.
Heather_1227 They gave it to me in my left arm but I didn't realize how much I do with my left arm
PrinceOfLoveFL30 How ARE YOU?
Heather_1227 Listening to people above my apartment party
PrinceOfLoveFL30 do you feel like joining the party ?
Heather_1227 It's annoying! Happens every day until like 3 in the morning
PrinceOfLoveFL30 im going to your city this saturday
Heather_1227 Really annoying when I'm doing homework or studying
PrinceOfLoveFL30 if you cant move out
PrinceOfLoveFL30 Pray to God to make them Move
PrinceOfLoveFL30 and i guarantee he will hear you
Heather_1227 This is why I gave up on doing homework for tonight. Can't focus and I'm in pain
PrinceOfLoveFL30 ohh sorry about what your having to go through
PrinceOfLoveFL30 are you here for friends only or dating?
Heather_1227 Flu shots are not fun!
PrinceOfLoveFL30 i never ake shots for flu
Heather_1227 I only get them because I get them for free
PrinceOfLoveFL30 so you havent answered me pl?
PrinceOfLoveFL30 about the reason why youre here , my love?
Heather_1227 Friend of mine invited me in here
PrinceOfLoveFL30 are you single for the moment or dating some one?
PrinceOfLoveFL30 im seeking a relation-ship thats why i asked , but hey good for youo
Heather_1227 Dating a guy I've known for 5-6 years
PrinceOfLoveFL30 ohh thas cute
Heather_1227 Been dating him for 2 years


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