Bored anyone? Bored anyone?

kenngrobertson alright, it's a bit dead. i'll be back later!
kenngrobertson but first, question
kenngrobertson why is it, when you're eating pretzels, and you find two stuck together, they're really stale?
SmirkingZebra125 oh there she is
haleybuggie i dont know
kenngrobertson second question
kenngrobertson are you really mad at me for raining on your romance? I was just playing. I was on my way out of work and was spazzing.
haleybuggie im not mad i am mad because im not having taco bell for dinner
kenngrobertson well, go get taco bell, what's stopping you? Get the doritos ones
haleybuggie my mom said she is getting carls and i dont want it but she is going to force me to eat
kenngrobertson Claim child abuse
kenngrobertson Claim functioning taste buds
SmirkingZebra125 its your mouth not your
kenngrobertson then again, it's your full stomach not hers, and yet she's paying for it
kenngrobertson you could be poor like me and only be able to afford mcdonald's and a multivitamin to make up for only affording to eat mcdonalds
yearoffun69 hi agin smirking
SmirkingZebra125 i understand you on that kenn
kenngrobertson its fun, aint it?
kenngrobertson yea, i actually had to borrow $500 buck from my mother to make rent. i'm going to hell. It's not like my mom has money growing on trees
SmirkingZebra125 thats why im going to school so i have a change at better jobs
kenngrobertson My dad has plenty of money, but, well, you know dads. At a certain point you refuse to ask for help to maintain that you're your own man
kenngrobertson good luck with school
kenngrobertson i hope the debt doesn't kill ya haha
SmirkingZebra125 i hope it doesnt
SmirkingZebra125 im going to school to be an electrician, so i school be able to pay it off when i get a good job doing that
kenngrobertson that's a good field to go in to. so many people go for the unrealistic white collar careers and liberal arts colleges and come out empty handed
kenngrobertson anyways, im gonna catch up on jon stewart. be back in a bit
SmirkingZebra125 ok , nice talking to ya
SmirkingZebra125 ok good your here
SmirkingZebra125 i have someone to talk to
steelers1003 Nm u guys
haleybuggie listening to the weezers
SmirkingZebra125 ill got to go
imaxdresser hi everyone
SmirkingZebra125 bye everyone
imaxdresser hi steelers
imaxdresser hi haley
haleybuggie whats up?
imaxdresser not much just taking a break before i start work again
imaxdresser what r u up to
haleybuggie listening to music
imaxdresser what sort of music do u like
haleybuggie all kinds
steelers1003 I love contry
imaxdresser yes country is good
imaxdresser going shopping later

Are you bored?? Because I am..

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