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New Christmas Cards and Badges!

Christmas cards and Badges have arrived!

Check out the new badges Badges

Also send someone special a brand new Christmas card.


You can now send cards to your friends.

Use the original sentiment or customize your card to say exactly what you want.

Send public cards that appear on your friends feed for everyone to see or send a private message that is sent to their inbox.

Coming soon (???): Holiday Cards!? Custom Pictures?! Secret Cards!?!?

Wireclub to accept Bitcoin

You can now purchase credits with Bitcoin.

New WirePoker Table Jackpots!

WirePoker High Stakes Table Jackpots are here.

The Table Jackpots increase as hands are played for each high stakes table. When the table reaches the goal prize the players with the most table experience win!

Play WirePoker!

Halloween Badges

Macabre, ghastly, and frightful Halloween badges are here!

Check out the new badges Badges

WirePoker is here

We are proud to announce No Limit Texus Hold'em Poker. One of the most requested games on Wireclub!

You can join tables with varying stakes, meet new people or play with your friends.

Collect badges for every hand try and collect them all!The daily leaderboard shows how you stack up against others with chips won for the day. Be in the top 10 to win a Daily Race Prize!High stakes version of badges! Risk it all to win big.

Play WirePoker!

More New Badges

We are adding a whole bunch of new badges that you can give to your friends!

Check out the new badges Badges

New Daily Game Races

You can now win prizes for coming in second and third place in the daily races!

1st place

2nd place

3rd place

Slots and Blackjack race prizes grow as more people play!

The more people play the more there is to win!

New Badges

Today we are adding a whole pile of new badges that you can give to your friends!

Check out the new badges:


Wordy - A Game for Word Nerds

We are excited to announce our first private chat game on Wireclub!

In Wordy you take turns selecting letters to create words - the longer the word the higher your score!

To Start a new game with someone you are chatting with just select Wordy on the new Games menu. You can play a versus game where you compete to get the highest score or a co-op game where you work together to make a single high score. Both game types have leaderboards and a daily race to get the most points.

If none of your friends are available, or they are scared of your word making abilities, can also join the Wordy chat room and find random people to play with.

Play Wordy!

Connect letters to spell words. Make longer words for a higher score!

Connect letters in different directions!